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It used to be called a fumble.

Now it’s called amnesty but it isn’t supposed to be amnesty because it’s only amnesty if you’re “wrong and unrealistic.” Otherwise it’s called amnesty. That is, when it’s called “earned citizenship” instead.

Did you get that?


Dot-Red.gif President Bush continues the fumble along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on June 01, 2006, right after the U.S. CofC hosted a forum in Kansas City featuring the U.S. Ambassador from China talking about trade. Or, otherwise, incentive for earning a lot of amnesty, by whatever name. Bush says that (from the CNN article) “opponents of one of his key proposals are taking an approach that’s ‘wrong and unrealistic’.”

Wrong and unrealistic” sure sounds like sandbox rhetoric to me. Unfortunately, it resounds the very same language used by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, among the most ardent appliers of pressure and incentive to President Bush’s amnesty-not-amnesty plans.

I hope that the United States House of Representatives maintains above this level and that similar low sandy-water mark left by the Senate and continues to effort to represent clarity and sense in this issue. I have yet to read why deportation of illegal aliens from the U.S. is not possible, given that no one’s yet even tried it. I think it’s a given that Bush isn’t even going to try.

I sometimes wonder just exactly who is running our nation.

Now, that last sentence was rhetorical.

Dot-Red.gif P.S.: I often find Ann Coulter far too acerbic for my comfort level, but in her recent column, she strikes a home run.
Read, “SE PUEDE GET TWO YEARS TAX-FREE!” and learn more about the wretched reality that is the “guest worker” / earned citizenship / it’s-amnesty-it’s-not-amnesty plan.

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