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Maui Film Festival, Kauai and SUPERMAN RETURNS, not necessarily related…

Reading up about Kauai, HI, after first reading up about the current Maui Film Festival (Wailea, Maui, HI) (about which, alas, this year’s event I am not attending), I wandered into an acutely focused sportsman’s blog ( and while pondering his acumen and concentration powers aplenty, I found two interesting film blogs:

Craig’s MovieBlog, and,

The Jay

Dot-Blue-MED.gif Collectively, the word I read this morning is that SUPERMAN RETURNS and it’s high and lofty subtexts, texts and mighty-man might are overshadowed, if not cast down and out by the wages of questionable motives, all scenes considered. The press is just not good here, there, anywhere.

Now read the Vince Vaughn Round Up and lighten up. I know I did. Something about the contrasts — not as to ideals but as to comparing the two: a simple expenditure of effort (to find Vaughn a funny guy) versus abundant overdo and supra-compensation (what, exactly, is the message of this “new” and completely redone SUPERMAN RETURNS), Vince Vaughn’s humor being lighter than is this madeover Man of Steel protracted and overburdened. There’s certainly more entertainment value from Vaughn when you measure and compare the costs of his monotonous, appealing intensity versus something like $225 million $250 million from Warners to complete SUPERMAN RETURNS, because it’s not like this is a new icon from a new or even newly unusual theme. And, it’s sad to see this well loved figure of Superman now reduced to costume and dimensions and the loft now become a thing of gossip rags as to tights and rainbow emissions. No amount of return for the massive and spent sums of money will compensate for reducing the Man of Steal to mere meat, but that’s what the word is, so, either the word is reduced to grovel (my first guess), or, the Steel is reduced to schnitzel. I can’t say until I see the film but the word’s bad, and that’s bad for my ability to participate in this RETURN, given that it’s being discussed more along the lines of SUPERMAN’S CALL ME.

Dot-Blue-MED.gif Thus, for sheer entertainment, here’s a wonderful and very large photograph of Kauai (credit, But to see the Maui Film Festival, you have to buy a ticket and go to Maui. Next year. You won’t regret it. And you won’t have to spend $225 million $250 million more than you should.

Dot-Blue-MED.gif Related (Seriously, this time): “BORAT IS COMING!” from cinematical

Dot-Blue-MED.gif Update: NEWSWEEK’s David Ansen chugalugs SUPERMAN RETURNS’ Director Bryan Singer’s chomp-ain-ya; inorder to drink our share of this fine bottle, we must all see this film.

Dot-Blue-MED.gif Update, Even Later: FOX’s Roger Friedman…”…joyless…middle part…$300 million epic..

I’ve decided to wait for the DVD on SUPERMAN RETURNS.

Dot-Blue-MED.gif Update, Later Yet: ranks SUPERMAN RETURNS 3.5 out of 5 (“It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s a ‘Superman Returns’ Tomatometer!“) and quotes “glowing” reviewers glowingly reviewing a film I have not yet seen but whose director I don’t regard as reliable. There, that’s my bug, I’m as fond of SUPERMAN the character (and his story) as ever anyone can be, but this pending film (SR) is now up to the boxoffice — me, I’m still waiting for the DVD because, most of all, I suspect an undertow of narrative typecasting in opposition to the legend.

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    Hey, thanks for that. I will revisit!

  2. The Jay says:

    Thanks for the linkage! I hope you keep reading.

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    Did it ever, really, go away? DEBUNKING THE MYTH OF KRYPTONITE LOCKS AND THE BLOGOSPHERE Just yesterday, I woed the word chowdown as to SUPERMAN RETURNS (reduced to…schnitzel, or, the Man of Steal becomes Meat if you are paying any attention to the g…