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Dot-Red-SML.gif I just heard Tracey Schmitt on FOX News, accredited there as “RNC Press Secretary,” saying that, this Monday, (“Bush Weighs Deploying Guard to U.S. Border”), “…the President is going to address the needs of these immigrants…”

Since he’s the President of the United States, it’d be nice if he’d address the needs of the United States and us citizens of the United States and it’d be even nicer if the RNC (and President Bush) would learn what the term “illegal” means and then display some working knowledge of the issues of illegal aliens in the nation today by the millions who have illegally immigrated and require taxpayer funded support by the also millions inorder to remain here illegally to enable all that otherwise “cheap laborillegally to those who illegally employ illegal aliens by way of forged documents while they remain in the United States illegally. And admit that we are a nation of citizens, not a nation of immigrants — illegal aliens reject the notion of laws and lawful immigration and declare themselves to be mere “immigrants” if not “migrants” but it seems that some among our GOP Senate are very eager to encourage their Rubrick’s Cubeless language games. From listening to the RNC lately, it’s possible to conclude that they have plans to reap votes from illegal aliens because us citizens of the registered voter kind aren’t going to vote for this foolishness again.

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— I KNEW there’d be a catch to any level of “border security” by this Administration and many in our current Senate. Why is it that they cannot deport illegal aliens and build at least a working border security construct? And effectively penalize any and all in the U.S. who employ illegal aliens and participate in illegal immigration? What we have today is disgusting avoidance of responsibility in public office, because what we have today is a grip of refusal to defend and protect. It seems all it takes is mob action or threat of mob action and our GOP Senate runs scared to the White House for more comforts. The Democrats — even worse — have got to be enjoying this hypocrisy.

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