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Dot-Red-SML.gif My week’s vacation is nearly over and BIRD will have content ready by tomorrow morning.

Dot-Red-SML.gif Unfortunately, what I have to write about is about plagiarism — or, to be kind, “uncredited, unauthorized use of my original published material” — by a popular blogger and media personality. I hate that this happens, I hate to have to report it, I really, really hate that it’s a case of theft of original work, and by a media personality who has gained popularity by being a darling of issues of verity and moral outrage. Someone I have always, consistently, written of and about in admiration and support; but, my website stats do reveal a pattern of behavior — as does the resulting outcome afterward — of theft of my original material, republished for profit elsewhere by this person and affiliated.

Dot-Red-SML.gif The world of who is trustworthy and who isn’t continues to change. Not like it hasn’t always, however, just sad to discover theft by someone, revealing their involvement in craft.

4 C O M M E N T S

  1. Jay Tea says:

    On advice of my legal counsel, Bartholemew J. Simpson, I have the following statement:

    1) I didn’t do it.

    2) Nobody saw me do it.

    3) You can’t prove anything.

    No questions, please.


  2. -S- says:

    Ha, I think you missed the important descriptive element, there: plagiarist as in “she,” Jay Tea (in this case, a group with “she” declaring author credit).


    (1.) No, you didn’t, you’re correct about that;

    (2.) Who can ever say what anyone saw you do or didn’t (as in, you’ll probably never know the answer to that with any certainty);

    (3.) Yes, I can and have;


    (4.) You’ve scented out the correct neighborhood.

    It’s sure nice to hear from ya’ again, however! ~;-D

  3. epador says:


    The suspense is killing me.

  4. -S- says:

    Don’t intend to tease anyone here, epador…the plagiarism and associated fans would undoubtedly become more aggressive than they already are should I share the screen captures and stat evidence. I’m thinking this over as to whether or not to publicly reveal what I have before getting a snail mail letter off, but it’s clearly plagiarism and theft of original (and copyright protected) material. Very disappointing since the person who claims responsibility (for the published use of the derivative and copying) is a popular blogger and media darling.

    Of all people, they should know better but what I believe it is is intentional degree of harassment. As in, someone daring others into silence given their media presence and fan-dom support (the “we can because you won’t or can’t respond in your own behalf” type of behavior — it’s quite blatant use of my material, is showing a distinct server repeat visits [to my material published on my site that has been plagiarised on theirs] in the multihundreds in the two months prior to their plagiarism [and no visits afterward] and the server address is that which hosts this author’s site as with those who contribute to this author’s new site where the plagiarism exists). Makes it all the more nasty stuff. Extremely disappointing as to the person involved.