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BD21298.gif Close the door on explanations, stop trying to extract sense from nonsense, accept that there willl be complaints and threats and more riots and marches and various other retorts — some violent, some suggstive of violence, some plainly petulent, some nasty, some withholding and a lot of mail, email and teleophone calls — and get on with enforcing the immigration laws of the United States, and then create more of them.

But the point is, stop anticipating that illegal aliens and those who promote and proliferate them will make any sense because they don’t, they haven’t and I doubt they are going to if the current spokespersons and organizers are any indication as to the extent of any wisdom and expertise arising from this human wall of nonsense.

Among whom are:

BD21298.gifJuan Hernandez
author and former “cabinet member” of Vicente Fox’s government, who holds dual citizenship in the United States and Mexico and who, based upon his appearance and demeanor on FOX News and several other television broadcasts, I would not entrust alone with children, to drive a car of mine, nor to housesit while I was any father away than my home mailbox. He was fond of quoting not too long ago but for quite a while not so long ago, what Mexico wanted, what Mexico “felt” and what Vicente Fox suggested as to U.S. policy and behavior and as recently as yesterday, is now alleging that (I paraphrase) “Fox has nothing to do with this, leave Fox out of it” in reference to U.S. immigration policy and behavior. I sense a man who senses the opinion polls and whose nose is in the air of voter preferences and I sense a person who would try to sell me snake oil if only he needed to.

BD21298.gifJavier Rodriguez
communist and otherwise provacateur of “worker” movements and “worker rights” beginning in California and now working nationally to become the most unoffical official spokesperson of any non-movement that promises to overtake the stupid gringo faster than I bet this man can smoke another doobie. This man, I would not trust to walk across the street from me nor would I want to walk across the street from him, he’s that unpredictable and in a not-so-appealing way.

BD21298.gifDolores Huerta
another communist (“La Raza, La Raza“), this time with a birthplace in the U.S. but with a legacy of despicable, anti-democracy politics and more rabble-rousing than ever an Earl down home could imagine or even ever want — she is famous for not making any sense on national television, for yelling at gradeschool children that “Republicans hate Hispanics” over and over again and later attempting to defend that statement by claiming she has “exercised (her) right to free speech” and said as much on last night’s O’Reilly Factor on FOX News.

When asked a very simple question by Mr. O’Reilly — “do you support open borders or do you not support open borders” — Ms. Huerta waxed off about her right of free speech, sixth century human beings and alleged migrations of “indigenous people” from centuries ago (without apparent awareness that she, too, as were her ancestors, also migrants from somewhere else, given that the only truly “indigenous people” are all of our ancient ancestors from the continent of Africa). When Mr. O’Reilly asked her another very simple question — “When you spoke at the May 1st rally, what did you mean when you said that ‘we did not cross the borders, the borders crossed us” — Ms. Huerta became more shrill and nonsensical and only pause to condescend a few indignant and insincere, “thank you”‘s when Mr. O’Reilly complimented her on her spokespersonage on behalf of others.

Among her nonsense, when she was at least not yelling, were these statements (emphasis hers):

“The indigenous people are the ones on this continent and indigenous people have always been in this continent…you have money and goods that cross the continent and it’s O.K. for money to cross a global village…stop trying to blame the people that are here, they are working hard, so no immigrant bashing…they are workers and they are to be respected…one, we have freedom-of-speech and two, we need am immigration bill that will give legal status to the people who have earned it by their work and their sweat.”

No one bashed immigrants. Mr. O’Reilly did not bash immigrants. In fact, the only person in that appearance who even referred to anyone by any adjective was Ms. Huerta alleging cultural and ethnic supremacy about non specific persons. The rest — “global village,” amnesty (“citizenship” and “immigration reform”), “rights” for illegal aliens, imperviousness to borders and citizenship, much moreso the qualifications process for U.S. citizenship — that was all from Ms. Huerta’s dim place of nonsense.

BD21298.gif Nonsense. All of it, nonsense. If the United States is ever going to seize this problem as to twelve to twenty (or, perhaps, more) illegal immigrants in our nation today who need to be returned to their various nations of origin — “working hard” is not a basis for citizenship because thieves “work hard,” prostitutes “work hard,” drug dealers and burglars “work hard,” car thieves “work hard,” money-laundering forgerers “work hard” — “working hard” is not inherently a basis for citizenship nor is it the extent of what it means to qualify and become and then be a U.S. citizen, then the U.S. had better move on and get going and start making sense out of it’s own sense and stop anticipating the nonsensical to make any sense because they continue to make only nonsense.

Show me an illegal alien who protests U.S. immigration and border security and who declares they deserve amnesty and I’ll show you someone who has thrown aside all value for our immigration and border requirements for entry and residency afterward. Show me an illegal alien in the U.S. longer than a day, especially the most dedicated illegal aliens who have been in the U.S. over five years, and I’ll show you someone who is more determined and cunning to violate our laws than anyone else because they have not remained in the U.S. all those years by way of honesty and forthrightness. They are among those who have “worked harder” at being illegal than have the newer arrivees, by mere fact they’ve remained where they know they are not entitled to by legal and honest process and rather than remedy their situation, have made conscious — character revealing — decisions to proliferate wrongdoing.

BD21298.gif The United States has to face up to the harsh fact that deportation for illegal aliens is our law of the land as consequence for illegal immigration, and then enforce the existing laws, build an effective border security process and structure, whatever it takes, and then enforce that, and, effectively penalize whoever in the U.S. participates and employs illegal aliens and then enforce that. And, the U.S. has to stop providing social services to illegal aliens and rerturn the Fourteenth Amendment to the text and intention that it was originally written to convey (no child born in the U.S. of illegal alien parents is to be entitled to U.S. citizenship, but is a citizen of the parents’ or parent’s nation of citizenship).

Until then, all we see and hear is nonsense upon nonsense upon more nonsense combined with rioting, marches and a general display of more nonsense aimed at intimidating and trying to assert the nonsense of mob rule upon a nation who long ago was founded upon the rule of law for purposes of avoiding this very nonsense.

Finally, there is this Marxist:
BD21298.gifJuan Jose Gutierrez


From that article:

…Gutierrez was an invited guest at the inauguration of new Bolivian president Evo Morales. He discusses the huge changes happening now in Bolivia with this inauguration the first indigenous President in Latin Ameria who declared the “colonial period was over” as millions watched live on television.”

Greeting the audiences as “comrades” Mr. Gutierrez’ main point was explaining why the election of Evo Morales in Bolivia should be seen as an important victory for those who support the world-wide Marxist revolution and that Morales should not be seen simply as a Bolivian “nationalist,” but as a hard-core Marxist warrior.

Gutierrez talked fondly about the Nazi regime in its infancy visiting Bolivia to acquaint itself with the mystical and power symbols of the native peoples and stated that the Bolivians that he talked to believed that the only reason why the Third Reich failed was that the Nazis turned the swastika upside down.

Gutierrez talked about Morales having become the “…supreme leader of the indigenous [American] peoples…”


May 01, 2006, The Great Nonsensical Nonsense Parade

and more nonsense in brown berets lead the way in Southern California, gun iconography a blazin’.

Meanwhile, Democrats in San Francisco, CA showed up to pester illegal aliens into registering to vote (Southern CA photograph, credit unknown; two photographs from San Francisco, CA, from, who offers more interesting, revealing photographs of the May1st reality that you won’t see on national television).

BD21298.gif Footnote: A lot of people have been banned from FreeRepublic for posting that and for exactly the same message but fortunately, Michelle Malkin maintains the sovereign cool — voters are weary of providing party donations that fund that which they oppose and among the most offensive of that is “open border” border ‘security,’ non enforcement of penalties for employing illegal aliens and sorry statements to attempt to chastise U.S. citizens for trying to do that which the federal government has not done, but should.

BD21298.gif Update: Jerome Corsi writes more (more, given that I’ve made mention of this issue in many of my comments here over the weeks) about “May Day Protest Organized by Communists“.

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    So much here to read here about SUPERMAN RETURNS. I think the film has had too much advance publicity for too long, however. They need to release it (very) soon or else stop the teasing because it seems as if it’s been going on far too long and yet we still don’t have a film (the teasing has become counter-productive).

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