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Listening to Brit Hume this evening on FOX News, I was surprised to hear him refer to percentages as to what “Republican voters” are being reported to so opine — reported by the RNC (““), as per Hume’s reference.

Startled at the numbers Hume refers to, I visited this page at the GOP’s website:
Immigration: The Numbers On Where Americans Stand
Friday, May 26, 2006
Republican National Committee

Dot-Red-SML All these results are suspicious from that page: real but inaccurate, not accurate but reported accurately, in my view and experience, given the opinions I read and hear (and agree with) that reveal polar opposites from what the RNC would have everyone else believe. Of course the numbers report a perspective that supports the Senate’s recent fiasco as to amnesty-for-illegal-aliens-under-ruse-of-various-other-names, which the RNC is memorandizing as not being amnesty in the views of “Americans” but that begs the question that the RNC does not seem willing to pose and that is why “Americans” — partuclarly us Republicans — are so offended and even disgusted by the Senate decision of last week.

It would be interesting to read the RNC try to connect the two dots, since what the Senate passed in decision last Thursday is mirrored in these various “poll results” that the RNC alleges represent “Where Americans Stand (On) (Immigration)”. But which are hugely not supported — neither that out of the Senate (“WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT THE IMMIGRATION BILL“) nor that out of the White House — by a vast majority of “American” VOTERS.

Dot-Red-SML Importantly, I note also that the RNC refers to “Americans” in their Memorandum, as do the polls themselves. The polls are from internet and telephone interactions and as nearly all are aware as to internet polling, it’s only as reliable as website visitors are either well mirrored in a site and/or visitors are aware of a poll in progress being promoted on interested-party sites.

As to “Americans” — and this includes the internet polling process — anyone from anywhere in the Western Hemisphere can honestly refer to themselves as an “American” and most of them, like everyone else worldwide, has access to the internet. And can “vote” in a poll and do so as many times as they’re patiently willing to clear a cache and wait out repetitive keyboard strokes. Simply, there are few among our lucid human race who are not aware of the unreliability of internet polling — as in, anyone can push a poll easily and most interest groups do.

So, the important and undefined — and misguiding — reference here is who voted in these polls that the RNC is headlining as to what “Americans” opine. I doubt that it reflects United States voters, is my point, in any dedicated or exclusive (or accurate) sense.

Dot-Red-SML Moreover, I suppose by referring to the concerns of the country — mostly from among us Republicans of issue here — as to “immigration” and avoiding (entirely) the word, “alien” as in “illegal alien” and using the word, “illegal” only in conjunction with two other (key buzz)-words, “immigrants” and “criminalization,” that the RNC makes a good presentation as to what they need to be believed IF they are to be believable (which includes ongoing media presentation in an optimistic tone as to President Bush’s voter-non-supported “guest worker program”, which the RNC in their MEMORANDUM allege IS supported by “Americans” contrary to the public opinion I read and hear nearly everywhere else from everyone else which includes most voters I interact with — certainly I am opposed to the concept and/or plan and I’m voting accordingly, at least from this point forward).

And, associating the word, “immigrant” in the same context with the word, “criminalization” is the literary equivalent of pathos generation: it’s the word puppy in the window with a sign around his neck that reads, “needs home” — the humanity strings are pulled and few could pass by the whine-in-need when it has such a pathetic face. But in this case, the economic self-interests involved in placing that puppy before us and hanging that sign around his neck involve a much larger pack of very expensive liabilities but it’s the puppy appeal that is being used to slip the liabilities into the shopping bag along with the puppy and into our homes afterward…along with the puppy.

Dot-Red-SML Examine these polls — while you do, keep in mind that I am a registered Republican voter and I was not polled nor so much as made aware of any link to any of these polls while they were being cooked:

With the results from the Wall Street Journal, of course the WSJ is going to be reporting that “Americans” favor guest worker programs and amnesty-but-it’s-not-called-amnesty. The WSJ has been among the media cheerleaders for those and their interests who employ (and allege they must have continued access to) illegal immigrants in the U.S.

And, included among those cheerleaders can be found Fox News contributor Fred Barnes who has been a resilient and persistent Bush-issue merchant (but a cheerful one!) on FOX before-and-throughout this issue in explaining away the “detractors” and “obstructionists” and various other demeanments he uses to describe those United States citizens who regard the founding principle of President Bush’s “guest worker program” and the Senate’s helpful enabling of those plans (the “earned citizenship is not amnesty” perspective), as being the problem: it’s the the-barely-tolerated-cavepeople-living-in-the-otherwise-well-manicured-yard-of-the-enlightened-while-their-“workers”-pepper-the-acreage-with-useful-and-illegal-tidying-up-and-it-doesn’t-even-cost-the-enlightened-anything-except-a-revision-of-inconvenient-laws-and-those-ugly-voterspeople-in-the-caves-otherwise point of view.

To quote Barnes on one of his many, many repetitive issue presentations in promotion of Bush’s “guest worker” amnesty-plan-but-it’s-not-amnesty, I share these quotes from FOX’s Beltway Boys from several months ago (and still being echoed by Barnes as recently as this past weekend):

I quote Barnes:

“(What’s needed is) some way twelve million illegals in the country can earn citizenship…different from ‘enforcement only’…’earn your way to citizenship is not amnesty…” (an exact use of the same expressions, word for word, can be heard in many statements from President Bush and Karl Rove);

Then Mort Kondracke chimes in that “it’s earned legalization that the Democrats favor (while) the fight in the Republican Party, led by Tom Tancredo in the House versus McCain in the Senate;” 250wde_ArghTharBeLettuceMcCain

(Barnes then says)

“the Tancredo forces are restrictionists…” Kondracke, the ever present liberal neo-conservative, (and supporter of illegal immigration by various other names but mostly of amnesty-but-he-doesn’t-call-it-amnesty-but-earned-citizenship, which most Democrats don’t-and-do) can defame Republicans at will because Fred Barnes is proving very helpful in that regard.

And Barnes eagerly jumps back in with gaping smile, alleging enthusiastically that

“immigrants…” –he’s lost the term, “illegal” by this point and it’s never again been found by Barnes since —

“…immigrants refresh society, keep Social Security solvent…vast majority of, look, Hispanics…” (now it’s about “immigrants” and “Hispanics”)

“…create businesses at three times the national average (take a look at the Small Business Administration and the Department of Labor to be informed as to why and it is not because the rest of the United States citizens do not want to create businesses and do not try to),

“…they want to be Americans…” (note the devalue of the word, “citizenship,” now it’s emphasis on globalist, open borders land-massing),

“…and I want them to be Americans” (globalist’s dream, some perceive it as nefarious, many perceive it as exploitive given that the incentive to Barnes and those who reason as he does is access to unregulated, unmoderated, unrestricted labor — an admirable goal in theory but in which can be found the playground and nurturing garden soil of criminal activity).

Dot-Red-SML So, the WSJ “poll” (as also those reported from CBS, among heavily visited sites for liberal reinforcement) reporting on the RNC site is not surprising because it reflects the opinions of persons who are of the ethical subset of Barnes, Kondracke — a lot of them, illegal immigrants — who are, those who demand ongoing use of illegal aliens or cheap labor or earned legalizers or whatever else label is applied to a human resource comprised of people who can be used or who are willing to be used at any rate offered under any terms offered without many restrictions or requirements otherwise on doing so. Again, the playground and ethics of all criminal activity.

I can’t accept these polling data as representing anything accurately reflective of United States voters, but certainly real information about “Americans” with internet access — which includes illegal aliens, people in wherever, however, as in, inaccurate. Real but inaccurate.

You’d think Karl Rove could come up with more impressive work than this. Something like ethics and enforcement of our laws. And respect for U.S. citizenship, beyond what he can sell it for.

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