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visitors to the nearby downtown garment district were greeted by block after block of shuttered storefronts and garment factories. Many businesses had decided to close after workers informed them of their plans not to show up today, according to business owners.

Pelicana Fashion on Maple Street was one of the few businesses that tried to open today but manager Sueli Shin decided to close up shop before 11 am.

“Only one of my six workers showed up,” Shin said as she was preparing to close the shop.

Truckers who honored the immigration boycott (by illegal aliens) hobbled shipping operations throughout the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the fifth-largest harbor complex in the world.

BD21298.gif I’m off to do my local marketing, make some meager purchases for today from my local merchants who are all open for business, to their credit, amidst a day far quieter than most because this isn’t Los Angeles. But from the absence of leaf blowers and construction noise far off, it’s obvious who employs illegal aliens and that from around here, they’ve spent the day in L.A.

It’s not about “jobs” and it isn’t about “immigration” — it’s about a cultural supremacy movement from, on average, Central and South America that refuses to accept the laws of the United States and attempts the rule of mob upon our rule of law. If it was about “jobs,” they’d be working today instead of trying to prevent the nation from working and among those, their own neighborhoods. And, they’d be working in their own nations, applying for legal immigration or legal residency.

BD21298.gif What has become of Los Angeles is a good example of what the United States will become unless:

— the illegal alien populations in the U.S. are reduced dramatically (deportation of illegal aliens from the United States is going to have to be in place nationwide eventually and the assumptions that it’s “impossible” are going to have to be exposed as the unfounded naysaying that they are);

— those who employ illegal aliens are effectively penalized (a penalty adequate enough to ensure or at least encourage that they stop doing it);

— and a border security process is in place to stem the ongoing influx of illegal aliens into the United States — that includes local law enforcement being enabled the ability to identify illegal aliens and begin a deportation process for them when they do; and,

— the 14th Amendment’s misapplication to bestow automatic U.S. citizenship upon children born in the U.S. to ilegal aliens has to corrected, given that the original Amendment actually spoke out against that practice and was only modified in recent times but remains a problem for obvious reasons of abundant exploitation of it.

Until that happens, the United States will be an extension of Los Angeles and by that, an extension of Mexico City. I doubt there are many United States voters who remotely want that to happen.

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