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Square-Black.gif “What’s he doing here…why is he here, he needs to be back there creating jobs and doing the work for the (Mexican) people.”

Square-Black.gif Fox in Salt Lake City: “Mexico is Utah’s ‘friend and partner'” — we can steal revenue easily from Las Vegas, and all those free dinners and easy mortgages and savings accounts by any name we can think of and false I.D.s and forged social security numbers make it so easy to be friends. In fact, Mexico loves it that Utah is so easy and the people of Mexico can sleep here or there or over there or here or maybe even there or…”

Square-Black.gif California’s Hispanic Business sure does think “illegal immigration” is tiresome; in fact, it is just downright not Mexican to even talk about illegal immigration anymore; after all, they can be friends but not if the pesky Americans continue to push their “illegal immigration” issue all over the place and — the nerve — in this country they call theirs! Oh, “we ‘heart’ politics.” We even lead the way in manufacturing “Uncle Slurpy,” the drink that drains the savings accounts that we never have to pay for! What a drink, what a country.

Square-Black.gifThey will meet, they might smoke cherished cigars, their language will be flavored, there will be mariachi music playing…matters of the day such as immigration, migrant and workers’ needs, rights and services…along with maybe Drivers’ licenses for undocumented immigrants, along with maybe healthcare and education…” Fox and Schwarzenegger will meet and perhaps consider consummating the romance, what with all that unbelievable rhetoric and thick and creamy fare, perhaps even meld in a giant, feather headdress in Sacramento.

Square-Black.gif Elsewhere, the lights are on, someone is still lucid but only so long as a moment before the bulb grows dim and overtaxes the current:

“Businesses large and small, careerists with Latin nannies, and those who want wages low, the unions suppressed and their gardens well tended have made common cause with their political opposites. The latter, who have embraced multiculturalism and bilingualism, and who, though they may be little blast furnaces of ostentatious compassion, are in their disdain for America as ruthless as commissars, would be delighted to see it changed any which way as long as it becomes unrecognizable. If you worry about the potential for California and the Southwest to calve like melting glaciers and cleave to Mexico, or vice versa, the left will mock your distress as it once mocked and reviled anticommunism. And in the same vein the equanimity of the business right is similar to the self-satisfaction of those who would have sold Lenin the rope with which he planned to hang them. This is the lobby, strange as it may seem, for illegal immigration.”

But, the bulb grows dim, the wattage falters (and VIEW FROM THE RIGHT also notices), the darkening gloom of tiny wattage creeps into the room where once there was a brightly bulb:

“…Tossing aside one of America’s great strengths, they would simply end immigration. As a graceless technique of law enforcement, they would deny basic services to the children of illegal immigrants, and they speak of rounding up 12 million mainly Latin Americans for deportation, forgetting the signal fact that over the years, by our lack of a policy, neglect of enforcement and systematic indecision we have at the very least made of ourselves an attractive nuisance…”

Square-Black.gif A friend does not steal from you, does not lie to you, does not tell you they are someone when they are someone else, a friend does not let a friend do any of that no matter how much a friend they claim to be. In the case of Mexico and the twelve-to-fifteen million Mexican nationals who are in the United States illegally and whom Vicente Fox is here to attempt to secure as friends of the rest of us despite their illegalities, amoralities and bad or absent ethics, friends don’t let friends drink the savings accounts, steal the checkbooks and walk away with the deeds to the houses. Mexico is no friend and illegal aliens are thieves even when they claim to be friends. Especially when they claim to be friends. Especially when they show up unannounced and allege to be “brothers” or “sisters” and you owe them and you don’t even look alike and their return address is somewhere south of Tijuana and that they’re only in your house because it’s your fault you don’t have working security in place but now that they’re in your house, the house belongs to them. Because, they’re your friends.

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