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Photographs from the Minutemen Project website, May 21, 2006, Los Angeles, CA


I wonder if they compare sobriety to a glass of wine? Ethics to speed bumps on the road to progress? The Constitution to a “********* piece of paper” (so it is said President Bush once defamed it)?

And, are these the parishoners from Cardinal Mahoney‘s Los Angeles two-hundred-million-dollar plus-church? Well, ARE they?

About that last part, Cardinal Mahoney and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops do not represent the Catholic Church. They are participants in the Church, they are not the Church. It’s time to revoke the tax exempt status for this group of liberals and marxists as the political activists they are. They represent their group opinion as comingling individuals and accordingly, as indivdual citizens in the United States but they do not represent the Catholic Church nor speak for Catholics. Just some who are, not for all of us, not for the Church as to religious or poltical opinion, but for themselves.

I am, as a Catholic, quite dismayed not so much by their political activism but by their ethical misguidance under pretense of representing the “Catholic Church.” They do not. They represent their own political and socio-political goals and opinions. If they want to use the Church as a political tool and capitalize upon the Church as they have been doing for political purposes, then they should not be receiving tax exemption as a group or groups and should not be referred to as “the Catholic Church,” but as individuals who also are Catholic. Candidly, in all sincerity, I regret that I have concluded that Cardinal Mahoney is misguided. I do not find his statements and comments reliable, from a myriad of perspectives but most importantly, religiously.

Rabbi Marc Gellman offers this in clarity — and while Rabbi Gellman does not represent one who accepts Jesus Christ as Savior, I do not believe that Cardinal Mahoney does, either, or is somehow failed or clouded but certainly not clear as Christ is clear, nor true as Christ is true. Mahoney, a humanist? Here is sound reasoning from a Rabbi, certainly not a Christian, and yet, the sense is with the Rabbi, and it leads me to question whether the Cardinal is with Christ.

I hope that the United States House of Representatives has a greater ethical calling and will provide representation to U.S. voters and the American public, because it’s clear from yesterday’s Senate decision that the Senate Democrats, some Senate Republicans and the Bush Administration are not.

Square-Black.gif Thank you, Senator Jeff Sessions (“IMMIGRATION BILL IS WORSE THAN YOU THINK“), and Representatives Tom Tancredo, Dana Rohrbacher, J. D. Hayworth, Pete King, Steve King and James Sensenbrenner (those I have left out here, please accept my thanks for voting accordingly in previous and current House and Senate legislations) — a lot of the nation is hoping you will remain steadfast and true to your convictions, and to ours.

Follows is the list from the Senate travesty of May 25, 2006, twenty-three Republicans who voted for amnesty (but just look at the many Democrats who did):

— I’d broaden the headline to read:
“Senate Declares War on United States Citizenship.”

Senate Opponents of Amnesty
Deserve our voter support and appreciation

Senator Lamar Alexandar (R. – Tennessee)
Senator George Allen (R. – Virginia)
Senator Tom Coburn (R. – Oklahoma)
Senator John Cornyn (R. – Texas)
Senator Mike Crapo (R. – Idaho)
Senator Elizabeth Dole (R. – North Carolina)
Senator Jon Kyl (R. – Arizona)

Senate Supporters of Amnesty
Undeserving of Office

Senator Bob Bennett (R. – Utah)
Senator Sam Brownback (R. – Texas)
Senator Larry Craig (R. – Idaho)
Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist (R. – Tennessee)
Senator Teddy Kennedy (D. – Massachusetts)
Senator Ted Stevens (R. – Alaska)

House Opponents of Amnesty
Deserve our voter support and appreciation

House Majority Leader John Boehner (R. – Ohio)
Representative Steve King (R. – Iowa)
Representative Patrick McHenry (R. – North Carolina)
Representative Mikek Pence (R. – Indiana)
Representative John Shadegg (R. – Arizona)
Representative Tom Tancredo (R. – Colorado)

House Supporters of Amnesty
Undeserving of Office

Representative Jeff Flake (R. – Arizona)
House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer (D. – Maryland)

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