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Nancy Mathis well describes this looming disaster and so I will quote her entire entry from her blog, AMERICAN DAUGHTER:

Disaster Looms

“The Senate is poised to pass S. 2611 this week, the giant amnesty bill that would change the demographics of our country and start us on the slide into rampant crime, drug culture, and third world poverty. Every thinking American is needed at this moment to phone, fax, or visit their United States Senators and oppose this legislation.

“The Senators will try to convince you that this is not amnesty, just a guest worker program with provisions for a path to citizenship. Don’t be fooled. They are giving away our country to people who have not paid for it. The only legislation that makes sense, if we are to remain an educated and prosperous and freedom-loving people, is the ‘enforcement only’ bill from the House of Representatives.

“The votes on the floor of the Senate are convoluted. What is actually needed today is a NO vote on cloture for S. 2611 to allow continued discussion and prevent it from going to a vote. If you have the time and can make the effort, follow all the tricky amendments on the scorecard at


“Otherwise, just find the phone numbers for your Senators here and tell them how deeply opposed you are to S. 2611.”

Nancy Matthis, Editor
American Daughter

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