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Dot-Red-SML.gif And so it is with the outlaw “Republican” band of unrelated in our U. S. Senate, who can’t represent the voters because they really, really don’t want to: “Illegals granted Social Security” — or, perhaps the news should be entitled, “Break the Law, the Senate Will Reward You.”

Many of us anticipate if not expect these betrayals and travesties from the likes of the the Senate Left (Reid, Kennedy, Durbin, Leahy, Stabenow and more), but, it’s especially caustic when it’s from so-called Republicans such as Salazar, Martinez, McCain and just enough more among their group to flop any progress back into the ground; they enact a sort of “rule” OF the land and not OF the land, and, in that regard, “a nation of laws” — what the Constitution declares we are — is reduced by these renegades to “a nation of lawlessness.” Certainly they are enforcing lawlessness and moreso, thwarting attempts to penalize lawlessness — not surprisingly, marxist Mexico thinks the U.S. economy exists because of and only by way of illegal immigration. From Mexico, that’s the sick standard; however, most U.S. voters expect far more from our Senate.

Dot-Red-SML.gif And, so many alleged Republicans in the news lately declaring that “we can’t deport twelve million people” — who says we can’t? Since it hasn’t been attempted, who is to say it’s not possible or can’t be done? There’s certainly no law against it, and, in fact, there IS that law that says that the penalty for being in the U.S. illegally is deportation. So, now we have a President of the United States and his unable cheerleaders in the Senate declaring that they can’t enforce the law, that it’s not possible to enforce the law, that it can’t be. Well, voters think otherwise.

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