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“The President Strongly Believes America Is Stronger And More Dynamic When New Citizens Are Welcomed.”

BD21298.gif A full commentary of the strongly nonsensical, evasive thing from FREEDOM FOLKS blog.

BD21298.gif I don’t know who or how many may have noticed that I removd the Blogs For Bush Blogroll content from BIRD (you are here) — I remain a Republican and continue to vote accordingly but this rounded belly full of squeakery by the White House as to not enforcing immigration laws, refusing to apply penalty or process to illegal aliens and those who employ them in the U.S., and the recent offense occuring in the U.S. by promoters of open-borders and American citizenship for those who violate our laws has been too much for this website to continue in association with the purpose of the Blogroll. This site, as I do, works to maintain a higher degree of sincerity than promoting personalities who behave insincerely.

In President Bush’s case, I believe he is sincere, yet sincerely not devoted to the opinions of the American people.

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