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Poll: Only one-third say he’s handling his job well

Picture 758.gif I can tell you why: it’s because President Bush is refusing to respect the opinions of American citizens about concluding illegal immigration, securing our borders so that illegal immigration won’t continue unabated, by persisting in his “guest worker” program plans and not focusing first on effecting border security, and, by attempting to bestow “earned citizenship” on people who have demonstrated the longest their persistence in violating our laws — this is an immensely insulting concept, that people who have demonstrated their intentions and ability to violate our laws longer than others are being discussed as to receiving American citizenship on those criteria alone. What also needs to be done and done soon is concluding “anchor baby” elaborations of the Forteenth Amendment, deporting illegal aliens currently in the country and effectively penalizing those in the U.S. who profit and participate in illegal immigration. The last thing any illegal alien has “earned” is American citizenship. In fact, they’ve earned a benchmark for bad character and it’s not a good place to start when considering who is worthy of citizenship and who is not.

Those things are easier accomplished than Washington — the Executive and the Legislative — insists they would be, if not insists they’d be impossible to accomplish (nothing ever happens when there’s assurity of failure and futility without any test attempts — it’s the “what’s the use” sort of thinking that plagues every addict and alcoholic and keeps them keeping on down. Many in Congress are squandering their terms in office and President Bush is squandering his Presidency and it is because of these issues and nearly only these issues that they are. People such as me who voted for President Bush are today finding his Adminsitration reprihensible in betrayal of all our good hopes and best wishes felt not so long ago for a better world, certainly for a nicer United States.

Picture 758.gifBush: Massive deportation of migrants won’t work

It “won’t work” because Bush won’t consider working it nor working a problem through to a conclusion. He appears to be one of those characters that is known in ranching communities as the guy who never repaired the gate, left the fences to despoil and the garden to weed and the stock to roam unattended and fields untidy and then who complained the loudest and most grievously about the problems surveyed afterward.

And the Senate is there to prop up his ruination. The ranch is the United States, the disrepair are our borders, the wandering, unattended flock are American citizens who through no fault of our own trusted a shephard who failed to show up.

Bush’s most insulting premise was again repeated today in Irvine, CA: that illegal aliens are ‘doing the work Americans won’t do” — heard so many times before in various permutations, yet still the same snarly, disrespectful statement about Americans, many of whom lent a vote or perhaps two votes to George Bush without any expectaton that he’d denigrate the people of this nation quite so arduously.

His other reference of today — referring to illegal aliens as “good people” — is the utmost of insult to every legal immigrant and American citizen. Document fraud, drug and human trafficing, theft, prostitution, welfare fraud, dishonesty and false pretenses, usery by illegality of another nation’s taxpayer funded goods and services, general disrespect for the nation itself without regard for citizenship or even desire to integrate into the nation’s population, none of these these are indications of “good people” nor are committed by “good people.”

No, the legacy of illegal immigration is the polar opposite of that of “good people.”

I don’t know what’s happened to President Bush. I don’t know but what he has remained consistent in his personality throughout his campaigns and terms and we are only now seeing him for who he actually is, aside from the media personality and arranged presence of person, or that he’s undergone some degeneracy of character while in office. For whatever the case, he is someone who has accomplished what few in the Presidency ever have: profoundly and permanently offended voters of both poliical parties in the nation, but the worst is what he’s done to his own country and that is, waged an offending opinion offensive upon those of us who once trusted him.

Picture 758.gif And, to few person’s surprise, certainly not to mine, Arnold Schwarzenegger reappears to sound down the dumbing down, to nail holes in the offensiveness upon the land that offered him time, space and opportunity (“WILL ARNOLD BE BACK AFTER ’06?”). A man who was offered and provided the stars, who knows little of the United States other than what he can trade off it and away.

These are not heroes, these are corruption. Certainly weak, certainly hardly working and working hard to do so. My faith in these two, it is rescinded. But, the Democrats are worse, lest anyone wonder where my politics go from here. President Bush and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are proven to be really “good Democrats.”

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  1. epador says:

    So unimaginative, W and AS: there is no need for a massive deportation program. Simply make life unbearable for them (no ID? = no benefits, no licensing, no job, NO BOOZE or cigarettes, no gas, no phone, no electricity, no water…) and enforce that. They’ll leave all on their own.

  2. -S- says:

    The concept of “self deporting” illegal aliens is now a part of the Halcyon Days o’ Yore, epador, in my view.

    I agree that there will be a noticable dissuading effect when and as social and employment options become rarified in the U.S. for illegal aliens, but what we see today in the militarized and para-military demands from many among today’s illegal alien populations represents an aggression beyond mere desire for social programs by an irrational group interest from among illegal aliens: their “right” to use, access and abuse without apology or qualification to taxpayer funded and nationally delineated items.

    And, they are using force and forceful threats to declare those demands.

    The U.S. via several areas of security and law enforcement already deports illegal aliens who are established in extremes (murderers, terrorists, some rapists, etc.) and yet even from among those most egregiously deviant behaviors, there are many who are incarcerated in the U.S. and then set free in the U.S. afterward at parole or term conclusions. However, deportation is being done for some and I think it should be expanded.

    POLITICALLY, however, the expression “mass deportation” is useful to try to apologize for any definites used by the U.S. as to illegal behaviors, used politically to say, “we won’t enforce the law” while declaring otherwise, and it is readily unbelievable to most citizens in the U.S. for that reason: it defies sense, it defies the truth test, it is mere nonsense in any real sense.

    First, “mass deportation” has never been attempted so there’s no means by which anyone could even declare with any substantiation that it “won’t work” or the varios pejoratives attempted to be applied to the notion (“xenophobic,” “cavemanish” and similar).

    Second, “mass deportation” is meaningless in statement; i.e., it means nothing, is meaningless in statement. Deportation of “mass” : what IS that?

    Illegal alien populations and apologists/enablers retort, “you can’t ’round up’ people and deport them, breaking up families.”

    Law enforcement in and of itself IS a “round-up” process. It’s been going on in practice for as long as the U.S. (and other nations) have had sheriffs, police, militias working in that capacity before civic terms were established.

    The law enforcement process IS one of “rounding-up” people and then applying penalties, which usually involves incarceration (“shipping out”) people when their offenses are identified as egregious enough to merit that by society, via our rule of law.

    So, in effect, President Bush declaring that “mass deportation” “won’t work” and then saying he “intends to enforce the rule of law” defies reason. The two statements are political only and are meaningless in any real sense, any real term, and because of that, COMMUNICATES HIS DECLINATION OF ANY SOLUTION, and equates him with an enabler of the problem (many Americans have made that same conclusion about him and some in Congress for EXACTLY THESE REASONS).

    No one wants violence and civic disorder, at least most American citizens do not. I do not.

    However, the illegal alien and “Hispanic activists” and those otherwise responsible for organizing these racially-defined and racially-motivated protests and marches by large numbers of many illegal aliens (the “Hispanic movement” so to speak), this “Hispanic movement” IS ENCOURAGING VIOLENCE and IS ENCOURAGING MILITIA AND ARMED BEHAVIORS.

    The recent declarations by “Hispanic movement” spokespersons tries to equate what they’re doing with our American Revolution, complete with encouraging people, if not instructing them among the Hispanic movement, to “take up arms” “against”…(fill in the blanks, but it’s implied that it’s against American citizens and the U.S. rule of law, and by that, against the United States).

    My estimation is that these are paramilitary operations by paramilitary persons intent on creating and waging violence in the U.S. against the U.S. and that the illegal alien populations are the front line agents for that process.

    But, they are relying on instigating violence in the U.S. by the U.S. in an attempt to then justify THEIR use of violence. It’s like someone continuing to harass and annoy and bully and then crying victim when there’s a forceful response to their behaviors. Unfortunately for a nation, that’s something that, when it involves millions of people with racially-superiority in motive and combined with geographical demands if not seizure in mind, can easily turn into mass violence while when it’s a condition instead among most individuals, there’s a referee process of our laws and systems intervening to straighten out the problems — when it involves many millions of people organizing for purposes of aggressing upon others, it’s another case altogether and becomes one of national response to that problem, not mere law enforcement locally but military representing the national law enforcement response.

    I no longer believe that, IN REALITY, illegal aliens are motivated by jobs, social programs, whatever (although I recognize that those ‘flavors’ have been the incentives for many to arrive in the U.S. and the resource means by which many have been able to remain here), but that the process represents something else (as I’ve already explained here as to what I think it involves by comparison).

    If and when all social helps are removed from access to illegal aliens, and all employment of them is penalized to an effective degree (neither will ever occur, realistically, and most people recognize that), then the U.S. will still be left with the illegal populations because their population is categorized by RACIAL AND FOREIGN NATIONAL TERMS AND DEMANDS. Literally, they are an occupying force.

    When I used to read that term applied — that illegal aliens were “an occupying force,” that they represented “an invasion” of the U.S. — I USED to do a bit of a smirk response about that, not being aware of the scope and severity of this problem. But, I now agree that they are, in fact, both an invading and an occupying force, especially after what I saw in March and April and read planned for May 2006 by the “Hispanic movement.”

    “Hispanic” is not a race, nor does “illegal alien” define as “Hispanic” and yet today we see an organized response by the Hispanic movement, largely all from Mexico and Central and South America, declaring that the illegal alien is both a Hispanic movement issue and vice versa.

    That means, paramilitary and foreign national aggression has been using (so they now reveal) and is now using illegal alien populations for foreign national purposes.

    In these terms, for these reasons, I do think that the United States needs to meet the NATIONAL LEVEL VIOLATION OF LAW AND ORDER with a NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTION and that is a military response to a foreign military invasion and deployment of an organized foreign national population within the United States for foreign national (and racist) purposes. And their goals are to: (1.) place a racial group in a superior position to other racial groups (to the Hispanic movement, to be Hispanic is to be of a racial type, although it’s nonsense to everyone else, especially science, it’s a useful emotional nonsensical concept to the Hispanic movement, agian an indication of a foreign-national military organizational pretense); and, (2.) to declare that portions of the United States, if not the nation itself, is of the property and ownership of that group, of, in effect, an “invasive force.”

    I think deportation by the nation is the way to go for illegal aliens and I oppose the notion of “earned citizenship” for these and this last reason: awarding citizenship to any illegal alien based upon their length of (illegal) stay in the U.S. awards those who have proven their persistence in illegality the longest and to my view, these are the individuals who should NEVER be awarded “a path to citizenship” but who should, in fact, be deported.

    That someone has been in the U.S. “longer” than others among illegal aliens shows that they are more determined and persistence in their illegal behavior, and surely they have engaged in a plethora of illegal behaviors to remain in the U.S. for any duration (five, ten, or more years). They should not be rewarded under any circumstances but should be deported. Since this indicates a more determined group of persons in hiding by way of deceiving, by false pretense, they’re ultimately the most ardent, hardened in their illegality and it is outrageous that Congress would spend so much as an hour discussing benefits to this population, much moreso the “earned citizenship” path. It is as if most in Congress are aiding and abetting the illegalities, by these notions.