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BD21298.gif Suddenly, from who-knows-where-in-the-beyond, comes the magic poll from TIME, announcing, allegedly, that “79% say illegal immigrants should have the chance to work here, but most want tougher enforcement, too.”

Did YOU participate in that poll? I didn’t. In fact, I never saw the poll nor a link to it, nor any discussion about a poll in process by TIME otherwise.

According to the magic poll results from TIME, “1004” magic “adults” performed magically over the “telephone” and provided these astonishing, magical, mysterious results:

“…In the telephone survey of 1004 adults, conducted Wednesday and Thursday, 79% say they favor a guest worker program that would allow illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. for a fixed period of time — the main provision of the bill proposed by Senators John McCain and Edward Kennedy that is now under fierce debate in Congress. Only 47% of those polled say they support the tougher measure backed by some House conservatives, deporting all illegal immigrants back to their home countries…”

What were the questions? Who were the “1004 adults”? And from what states? Perhaps from New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles? Maybe from Tijuana or Mexico City? Certainly not from among the average American voter, although the magical questions on this mysterious poll would shed a lot of light on the magic-wanding of and about public opinion.

BD21298.gif What about THESE POLL RESULTS from Rasmussen?

More Important:
Reduce Illegal Immigration….65%
Expand Legal Opportunities for Foreign Workers…25%

Should there be a way for illegal immigrants with a job to stay in the U.S. Legally?

Trust More on Immigration:

BD21298.gif What about THESE POLLS (all of them in comparison with TIME’s 1004 adults from magic-land, responding to magical, mysterious questions), THESE POLLS that indicate a vast difference, a vast American population who does not — not by a non-mysterious mile — remotely want the McCain/Kennedy mess nor anything otherwise bestowing amnesty or ongoing permissions to violate laws in the U.S. by those who are here illegally.


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Update: lonewacko notices, too.

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