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Senator Ted Kennedy reminds us who his brother was. He doesn’t understand what “illegal” means. I wonder if he ever did.

Senator Lindsey Graham rues the day the Senate was broken, while the notion of American citizenship for sale flies somewhere well over his head and heart, certainly out of his sight (“This compromise [regarding the now-defeated compromise] gives people an incentive to come out of the shadow, raise their hands, get registered.”)

Senator Harry Reid tries to speak both forward and backward and continues to fail to make sense. In fact, Mark Levin writes, “Harry Reid is pathetic.” Reid’s fascination with a magic train might explain his recent fascination with aliens, however.

Senator John McCain’s fate after attempting to body-meld with the neck of Ted Kennedy remains in question: will they form the new Party of One and One Half?

Senator Bill Frist is holding his breath. All Easter vacation long. Most voters hope his hearing holds up.

Rep. J. D. Hayworth lets fly the strong tea of reality — “This bill [today defeated] is amnesty wrapped in bureaucracy, surrounded by fraud” — and us American voters sure do agree with him.

Rep. Tom Tancredo reminds them that the name of the country is still THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

BD21298.gif Excellent coverage of Senate floor statements, among other information: “AND ANOTHER THING” – The Mark Levin Blog, with “Stunning facts about the proposed immigration bill” (defeated this morning and it sure is a gift from God that it was).

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