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George P. Bush, the nephew of President George W. Bush, was among several scheduled to speak at the rally…and voter registration begins for thousands of illegal aliens

BD21298.gif Obviously, based upon observed history this is a family — a commisseating group of people — with an ongoing “dysnasty” mentality (and opportunities) that runs contrary to the nature of U.S. democracy when examined closely. As also evident among the Clintons and the Kennedys and a few others who generate ongoing special footing for theirs and hoist those and their ongoing closed society ideas (also easily translates to an offensive form of government, common in many third world or even primitive societies), that is an aspect of this problem that brings millions of people rallying for illegal activities, to be blunt.

Dictatorships at their most refined are charismatic, and the dictator becomes the organizational principle — charisma and obliteration of individual characteristics iamong populations massing together with shared characteristics: wearing the same color/s, chanting the same thing/s, movements coordinated…and punishment if not the destruction of individuals behaving/opining differrenlty. And all that inorder to protect and maintain the charismatic central figure or dysnasty.

BD21298.gif Drug “lords” (so they lay claim to), dictators, socialist governments, terrorist groups…many are characterised by these very same behaviors from the top down, relying on the isolated top point and that very large pyramid base beneath it to keep the top privileged.

From the recent protests and mass rallies (and various other threats that have yet to reach a pinnacle and most Americans are aware of that), if these illegal alien folks were interested in American citizenship, they’d have been in the pipeline, working toward that goal, at least most would, for a while now. Most would be taking English language classes (free or nearly free to nearly anyone who wants them, nationwide, paid for by American taxpayers), they’d be refusing bandits and other criminals hawking false paperwork and forging social security numbers (rampant among illegal aliens…just ask them who they are, what their SS# is, where and how they obtained it), going about thier “normal” lives by cheating, stealing and lying about it — thier choices, habitual behaviors are integrated with the acceptance of wrong action.

BD21298.gif These protests are lies. They are lying to themselves and everyone else about their objectives, denying personal responsibilities. Very few of us are fooled. Given that the illegal alien population in the U.S. today is estimated at between “11 million” to “twenty million” (depending upon which statistics you believe), that 50,000, 100,000 or more group together to march around is no surprise.

What’s surprising is how dishonest their message is. It’s not about “America” and the U.S. flag — which they now seem to find convenient and are using it accordingly, given the fact that they received abundant and accurate criticism for subjecting the U.S. flag earlier so I take it the recent displays of the U.S. flag are instructed actions to manipulate a different response (we see you, sorry) — but about the fact that these ILLEGAL ALIENS have entered the U.S. dishonestly, remained here dishonstly and are not worthy of American citizenship to the views of MOST AMERICANS. We can’t lie on drivers license or business license applications, we can’t lie on property leases and bank accounts, and most of us never do nor never would even if…we’d do without or wait until our information could be organized honestly or find some other method to fulfill our goals.

BD21298.gif The key issues are honesty and personal responsibility. I continue to hear various spokespersons for illegal aliens lecturing the American people about what is “patriotic” and what is not and from people who refuse the Constitutional terms and process. People on television try to minimize the illegal nature of illegal aliens — saying things like, “all they are is undocumented, it’s a misdemeanor, it’s like if I get a speeding ticket, I go pay my fine and that’s that.”

They MINIMIZE the significance of the illegal actions involved. Most if not all illegal aliens rely on ongoing illegalities in employment, identity, taxations, just entirely while present in the U.S., existing on a network of other illegal aliens who commisserate to make that possible. Call it the “underground economy” (most do) but what it is is a network of social behaviors that acknowledges but refuses responsibility for ongoing illegal actions, compounding the illegal actions inorder to sustain the illegal actions, a cycle of illegal actions and bad character.

I think most Americans might find it possible to perhaps understand that if it was concluded that there was some hapless, intensely diminished mentality or capability involved in this population — people from whereever that were profoundly mentally challenged, had no capacity to comprehend what they were doing or why it was wrong. BUT, the hardcore truth here is that this is a population of persons in the millions who are quite knowledgeable of what their wrongdoing is and why, and yet persist in wrongdoing out of personal choice.

They CHOSE to do wrong. No one chased them over the U.S. border from China, Mexico, Brazil, wherever. No one carted them off to the U.S. in chains against their will. These are people or the children of people who made conscious, intentional choices to violate the laws of the U.S. have continued to do so and rely on emotional weakness and vulnerability to be able to be “excused” for thier actions or worse, allowed to continue to do so by sheer mass numbers of group force.

No wonder personalities from family dynasties are the acceptable figureheads to movements such as these. And are drawn to this audience for dynastic reasons. The United States rejected monarchy government some time ago but the concepts of special privilege and special “rights” is the candy by which the dynastic, dictatorial sticky top keeps all that mass spinning around and around and around and around.


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