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McCain Booed In Michigan

Picture 2042.gif John McCain offered $50.00 an hour to go to Arizona and pick lettuce to an audience in Michigan peopled with union members, and was booed accordingly.

Despite what John McCain alleged there — that he just knew no American would take the work ‘for the whole season, for the whole season, for the whole season” he chastised the booers — many Americans have signed up at his online application and many of the rest of us wonder just how it is that John McCain has all that money to pay crews for lettuce harvesting for “the whole season, for the whole season…”

Picture 2042.gif Hear out this Lou Dobb’s broadcast with McCain’s booing episode and other remarks in which it’s suggested (smartly) that those lettuce growers use lettuce harvesting machinery instead of illegal aliens to get their crops in on time. Or, perhaps, use American citizens who would gladly harvest lettuce for $50.00 an hour “for a whole season, for a whole season.”

Picture 2042.gif And let us all complain about illegal immigration, the ongoing violations to and about our U.S. Constitution accordinly, all of which pales in comparison with the two-dollar heads o’ lettuce right here in California — with the largest population in the United States of illegal aliens and illegal alien agricultural workers, where us consumers never seem to see any economic advantage to illegal alien populations in the U.S. Just expensive lettuce, violatons to our Constitution and loss of faith in nonresponsiveness from those in elected, public office, among other “features.” Let us consider the fact that “Americans Lose $68 BILLION to Illegal(Alien)s“.



  1. epador says:

    I signed up for the lettuce picking. Gotta do something while I wait for the 6 months its gonna take to get my Oregon license. 50 bucks isn’t as much as I might make elsewhere, but the stress level and exercise would be worth it. And I can wear my t-shirts and jeans without getting bitched at.