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BD21298.gif Excellent conversation. Or, debate. Or, grandstanding by a few but terrific levelling by a few others (comments section, that is). All told, a bit of all of that: “FIREWORKS AS LOU DOBBS DEBATES LATINO ‘CIVIL RIGHTS’ ACTIVIST

If I didn’t know otherwise, I’d swear that (see comments section) user, “Agnostic”‘s comments were written by me. But, they are not, nor am I. Enjoy the comments otherwise. Just saying, to whoever wrote those comments, whoever “Agnostic” is, my hat is off to you.

BD21298.gif Moreover, whoever can explain how illegal immigration has become “Hispanic rights” and/or “Latino civil rights” as synonymous, you might want to contact Lou Dobbs because both he and I and millions of other American citizens wonder how it is that so many “Hispanics” can’t or refuse to distinguish between “illegal immigration” and their race, nor for most of both those groups, their nation of origin, Mexico. But first, I’m waiting to hear or read how illegal immigration is a “right” for people from anywhere else. It is not, nor does one’s racial type bestow anyone with special abilities to be granted as impervious to the laws of the United States of America.


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