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and sends an email to the Los Angeles Times for sympathy and the art of obfuscation.

From an email to the Los Angeles Times by Jeb Bush: “My wife came here legally, but it hurts her just as it hurts me when people give the perception that all immigrants are bad.”

And, he continues: “The cumulative effect of some politicians pounding their chests about immigration is hurtful to both of us,” (“referring to hmself and his brother” writes the L.A.Times). “I fear they do so for current political gain at the expense of thoughtful policy over the long term.” (While Jeb Bush accomplishes short-term political gain at the expense of thoughtful, long-term national security and the rule of law,not to mention respect for the United States Constitution.)

Jeb Bush perhaps stopped while writing that tearful terse to pound his chest and then pound it again by way of this email, because I’ve yet to see anyone “pounding their chests” in REALITY. Jeb Bush’s “feelings” run off the page here.

It’s a good bet that the hurt feelings of Jeb Bush and his wife, Columba, and their fear, are far less significant than is the state of our nation, effective penalization for those who violate our laws, our national security, and, the value and credibility of American citizenship. Perhaps Jeb Bush should think on those things instead. In fact, he should.

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