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Picture 2093.gif It used to be precious, now it’s grizzled, teeth yellowed, mad with ego and an overwhelming sense of nonsense: power has corrupted, and it does.

Latin Hollywood actors back immigrant boycott

At least these now admit that the threats, Mexican naitonalism and “Hispania” are about their concept of racism (to be Hispanic is not to be of a distinct race, however, another ever present misrepresentation by Hispanics) — their concept that to be brown is to be owed privilege beyond others over law based upon skin color — inability to admit that there are laws, inability to acknowledge what the word, “illegal” means, or, perhaps more accurately, determination to disregard legality based upon group force.

Picture 2093.gif Immigration as an issue of concern today is not about “migrants,” nor is it even only about “immigration,” but about illegal immigration, a massive illegal alien population in the United States, eighty-percent of which is, approximately, from Mexico.

The reality is: immigrate illegally and become an illegal alien within another country (in this case, it’s our United States of America); use false identities and various other deceit and become a person engaged in document and identity fraud compounded by illegal alien status in the United States — these are the facts, these are the problems, these are the crimes.

And for each and every person who engages in these crimes, a law-abiding person who is going about things the orderly, lawful way is set aside, walked over, pushed away and denied their polite wait in line, as are American citizens when the billions of dollars costs for educational, healthcare, housing and many other non-trivial requirements to pay for the expenses created by illegal aliens comes due, and, as are American citizens when their wages bottom out because unscrupulous, some American citizens and illegal aliens in the U.S. go greedy and scam from the bottom in the wage scale to pay the least for illegal alien “workers” — no applause from an audience when they do something honorable so what’s the point of not doing something illegal, or so the failed ethics go.

Picture 2093.gif The word, crimes, is harsh. People guilty of them often don’t like being told of their crimes and least of all enjoy being held accountable for their actions that constituted crimes. Illegal aliens object to these accurate terms in the English language for their crimes — they vainly allege, “we are not criminals, we are migrants, we are not illegal aliens…” — and yet they are all of that, all of those if they are citizens of another nation in the United States illegally and worse, compound their illegal immigration with the nearly-constant presence and use of document fraud while remaining in the United States illegally. It’s not the English language that’s the problem, it’s not the laws that are the problem, it’s criminal behavior that is the problem and, yes, criminals who are responsible for crimes. That’s the harsh but accurate truth, that’s the reality, that’s the situation without make-up, without Publicity Managers and Press Releases.

Most insulting is the reference by “Hispanic spokespersons” about their recent rallying and Hispania, for lack of a better word for it, attempt to associate their bombast about illegal aliens and illegal behaviors as being the equivalent of the American Revolution and associating in concept with our American Founding Fathers, all of whom would have ushered these very people out of the town, down the state, into Spanish Territory with a warning to never return and of that I am quite sure. Our Founding Fathers were not those who glorified canoodling terms nor shaving a man’s worth, nor worse, boasting about a communist collective that was founded in Third World dictatorial grandiosity. No, our Founding Fathers were square, honest, upright and well versed in the concepts and words of freedom and were not fools prone to excess.

Picture 2093.gif But to read the news today, you’d think that Lenin had risen from his cold, frozen tomb and wafted by magic to Sacramento, California, you’d think that the glorious workers of the sombrero collective — Mexican flags the real skin beneath the painted, newly acquired flags of the United States of America like so many Tiffany duds from the freebie gift baskets — you’d thnk that it was a thing about justice by people the United States had done wrong, and not about a population of foreign-nationalistic, skin-color preferentially motivated persons in our country illegally who have maintained their ever increasing numbers on the backs of American taxpayers without so much as a request for to access the dollars nor a thank you for the goods and services.

Of course “Latin Hollywood” “back(s)” the fantasy. It’s racially motivational, counter-culturally identifying and nonsense, so what’s not to like by Hollywood? By “Latin” Hollywood. “Hispanic” nor “latin” is not even a race and yet to read the news and listen to the blurry stars and face-hiding bandanas, it’s all you can do to hold your breath among so much green and red hot air.

Picture 2093.gif This is about a cultural and political supremacist movement that is rallying to protest not being able to maintain illegal behaviors of the Mars-Invading-Machine-Munching sizes, that to be asked to apply for citizenship or legal residency by process from the country of their origin and then do what is required to fulfill those requirements is beneath them or too much trouble or randily detestible because it’s from The North — the white North — and not the Third World way.

Worse, May 1 is historically identified as the one and only “communist holiday” — the Workers Unite Day, so to speak, and guess who is screaming Spanish secrets all over the airways and splashing the internet with messages, organizing for May 1, 2006? It’s the “Labor Collective” and various other known communists/marxists, the vast majority of whom are…Hispanic! From Mexico! Latin! Protesting the United States laws, protesting that the United States has boundaries, protesting that the United States does not jump into the collective wading pool of “Hispanic” ownership like it’s being demanded to do, a country that should be possessed if only it would stop it with the laws, already, stop it with the boundaries and let the “workers,” if they’re “Latin,” use whatver name and identity and piece o’ paper they chose because, hey, this is a Hispanic fantasy and the world has to be a Third, or they’ll hurt the world.

The threats, taunts, marches and crimes are not character-impressive. But what is despicable is that the Democrat majority among the California State legislature has gone so far as to support the May 1 Workers Collective Unite boycott of all human activity and commerce (“State Senate Supports ‘Immigrant’ [so they misrepresent] Walkout On Monday“). If ever anyone wanted proof that the California legislature in it’s present configuration is communist in essence, here it is.

Picture 2093.gif May 1, 2006: the day the Constitution of the United States of America is asked to became secondary to whims, desires and jaundice. Of course Hollywood loves the idea, and of course the California Democrats do, too.


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