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Note: will be updated as the soundbites continue to develope.

Soundbites from today’s news coverage, on the ground from various staging areas, nationwide, because, let’s be realistic here:

BD21298.gif “We lub America.”

But do they “love Americans?”

BD21298.gif “We want to work…we work hard.”

These are not a super race of humans, they are not undamageable nor consistently capable, and they age and often are infirmed either young or old, just as with the percentages among all human populations.
They work when they’re able, but what happens when they don’t work and can’t “work hard” (and aren’t going home when they can’t “work”).

BD21298.gif “You are America!” (from Hillary Clinton) and “We are America!” from illegal aliens.

No, they are not America. American citizens are America. Illegal aliens are not American citizens.

Ted Kennedy showed up and serviced the misinformation (that means, he lied to them in a complimentary fashion to the false pretenses most popularly believed by others present). And, illegal aliens were (and continue to be) registered to vote in the United States. Pause here and think this over.

BD21298.gif “We pay taxes, we paid ($XYZ million) into Social Security and collected zero.”

Can’t collect on numbers that are used fraudulently.
They pay sales taxes, some pay some deductibles, but when you’re using a false Social Security number, nothing matches up with anyone except the liablities that come back to taunt and haunt the person whose number was violated.
And, illegal aliens use many more millions of dollars in support services costs than they “pay in taxes” if and when they even “pay taxes” and no amount of repetition of an untruth makes it true.

BD21298.gif “We love America.”

Heard this often so I am commenting on it twice.
But do they love Americans? I heard a few people allege that,
BD21298.gif “Americans are all on welfare. We don’t want welfare, we want to work.”

Social services are the equivalent of “welfare” and the vast majority of illegal aliens, even though they “work hard” or at least believe they are or can, receive the vast majority of social services dollars in the United States than do American citizens. But the American citizens pay for the social services used by illegal aliens.

I never heard a “thank you” from today’s soundbites.

I heard speakers and participants speaking and chanting in Spanish, not English.

Does not sound too much like they do, in fact, love America and certainly not Americans.


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