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From a recent Lou Dobbs poll (created April 21, 2006, 17:10:40 EDT):

BD21298.gif “Do you believe the president’s ‘jobs Americans won’t do‘ phrase is an insult to American citizens?

Yes:………….97% (17,314 votes)

No:…………..03% (619 votes)

TOTAL VOTES (April 22, 2006, 10:45 AM PST):……17,933

BD21298.gif Read a transcript of Lou Dobbs interviewing Representative Dana Rohrbacher, among others. The full broadcast transcript is very worthwhile to read.

Excerpt, as to Rohrbacher’s appearance (emphasis added):

DOBBS: President Bush is set to give a speech on illegal immigration reform in Irvine, California, this coming Monday. One man who will not be there is Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. The congressman says President Bush has lost all credibility on the issue. Congressman Rohrabacher supports the Sensenbrenner border security legislation and says, quote, “all we have in the Senate is pure guest worker programs sprinkled with a heavy dose of amnesty.”

Congressman Rohrabacher joins us tonight. Good to have you here.

REP. DANA ROHRABACHER (R), CALIFORNIA: Thank you, Lou, and thank you for the good work you’re doing on this issue.

DOBBS: Well, thank you.

And the idea that the Senate is going to take up Senator Frist tonight, calling for comprehensive immigration reform. The president is going to talk Monday. Here we go. What’s going to happen?

ROHRABACHER: Well, everything I’ve seen coming out of the Senate is nothing more than an insult to those of us who are concerned about illegal immigration, and it certainly is a betrayal of the interests of the American people.

From what I can see, they’ve taken out the beefing up of the border aspects, which they were talking about before, and all they’ve left in there is basically a guest worker’s program that would bring normalization of someone’s status. You can call that amnesty, which means you’ll have 10 to 20 million more illegals heading in our direction.

So I think what the Senate has done is a disaster. It’s going to make things worse, and our president still seems to be totally out of touch with what’s going on to the American people with this massive flow of illegal immigration.

DOBBS: Well, let’s turn to Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. He plans to hire 171 more workforce enforcement agents. He has asked Congress to get routine access to social security records. Is this is a sincere move or is this a coordinated administration maneuver in advance of the call for more — for the Senate to move ahead on amnesty?

ROHRABACHER: Well, I am hoping that what we see here is an evolution in the president’s policy towards illegal immigration. But it’s coming so late in the administration, i”s hard for people to give credit to President Bush on this issue.

By the way, I am very supportive of the president on many other issues, especially the issue of our war against — with radical Islam, and I’m trying to support him as much as I can. But the fact is, this is a security issue, too. Illegal immigration, and if Mr. Chertoff is now beginning to work on this in this area, it will be — I applaud it.

DOBBS: Well tell me this, Congressman. The war on radical Islamists, terrorists, how in the world four and a half years after September 11th, can this president, this Congress, this Department of Homeland Security look the American people straight in the eye and say four and a half years later, we still cannot control our borders. We still are not inspecting cargo into our ports. How in the world — how in the world can the president do this? How can his administration do it?

ROHRABACHER: Well I certainly agree with you that this administration has not — I wouldn’t give it at an A plus on the issue that you just outlined, but I would say that we have made some progress.

DOBBS: Again, the other end of that bell curve, Congressman.

ROHRABACHER: But nowhere near as much as we should have. The criticism is justified.

DOBBS: Well that being the case, why is Ed Rollins, and I think you surely know him, suggested that the House and the Senate take up two separate issues. One, first establish border security and port security. And then once that’s done, take up so-called immigration reform. What do you think of the idea?

ROHRABACHER: Well, I have been in favor of having separate votes, because we need to get the border security issue settled ASAP. And we are way behind the curve on that.

However, I don’t want to see other issues like, for example — I want to make sure employers — we have a good bill in the House [NOTE: H.R. 4437]. There’s no reason not to pass that bill. Employers in that bill have to call into the system and verify that their employees are here legally or their new hires are legal residents. That shouldn’t be put off.

I think that what we need to do is understand that what’s coming out of the Senate is an insult to the American people. It will make things worse. The House has passed a good bill, and those people who are unwilling to support a measure as strong as what we passed in the House, should be held accountable by the voters in the next election.

DOBBS: And if our audience reaction is any indicator, Congressman, it looks like there’s a very good likelihood they will. Congressman Rohrabacher, good to have you with us. We appreciate it.

ROHRABACHER: Thank you for being the Paul Revere of our times on this issue.

DOBBS: Thank you, Congressman. I’ll take the compliment and run. Thank you, sir.

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