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Picture 758.gif Update: “DROPPING OUT
“Immigrant Entry and Native Exit From the Labor Market, 2000-2005”

Real stats for real people who aren’t willing to roll over and think we’re doomed without illegal aliens and all that expensive, “cheap labor.”

Picture 758.gif And, from the comments section at the Dan Stein Report, someone’s asking all U.S. citizens to refrain from eating meat on May 01, 2006 and to complain to all businesses that support illegal immigration by employing illegal aliens (the excuse, “it’s not my job to verify their documents” is now worn bare).

Here is the appeal that is requested to be reposted when and wherever anyone can:


“On Monday, May 1st, Pro-illegal and amnesty advocates will once again take to the streets demanding legalization and amnesty. They expect this country to accept their blatent disregard for our laws and their massive use of false documentation as a sign that they truly want to be Americans. Congress is leaning toward not only granting them amnesty but increasing the numbers of legal worker visas to more than 450,000…that’s 450,000 jobs that Americans won’t see! And it’s not all fruit pickers and farm workers…it will include high tech, nursing and practically every other job description available! When will it all end? Only when the American citizens demand Congress secure our borders and enforce our laws!

“That’s why we are asking all Americans to stand up for the working men and women of this country! On Monday, please, go to work; please eat out at your local Mom and Pop diner or other “American” restaurant; please shop in American friendly stores that don’t exploit cheap labor, buy American goods and do your grocery shopping that day, don’t eat meat in protest of companies like Cargill, Tyson, Seaboard Foods and Hormel that use cheap and often illegal labor and are giving their employees the day off to participate in amnesty protests…Please, wear Red, White and Blue and if you have the opportunity, let your voice be heard…carry an American flag, carry signs, GOD BLESS THE AMERICAN CITIZEN WORKER…THOSE WHO FAIL TO STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ARE EITHER EXPLOITING IT OR PROFITING FROM IT…NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER, NO AMNESTY…”

Yes, God Bless Her.

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