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BD21298.gif Like many Americans, I appreciated hearing President Bush in his press conference yestereday clarify and specify what it is he supports and what he does not. He says he supports a “guest worker program” when employers can’t find Americans “willing to do” whatever it is they’re in need of having done (which is certainly due to the wages and conditions being offered but that wasn’t a part of Bush’s comments), but that he, President Bush, does “not support amnesty” and that people who are in the United States illegally — even for many years — should not receive amnesty, nor be placed in any preferential position ahead of people who are qued, in line, in a legal immigration procedure.

I agree with all that and appreciated President Bush making his positions clear about these issues.

BD21298.gif However, despite the limited progress that the U.S. Senate has made in these past weeks as they belabor (and some are actively attempting to rework to the point of opposition to existing legislation that has already passed the House, despite all that, the THEORY that “guest worker programs” are desirable (many in the Senate are trying to make that so despite public opinion to the contrary), the THEORY of the “guest worker program” plans and schemes is based upon an unreality, if not an intentional plan to mislead, BECAUSE based upon experience, based upon common sense and observations, most illegal aliens — guest workers or not — are not going to return home to (for most of them) Mexico or otherwise Central America, where the by-far largest majority of illegal aliens originate, and, to be anticipated, most who would participate in a guest worker program would be from those areas, too.

Everyone who is realistic about these issues hears, directly or indirectly, over and over again in daily lives, neighborhoods, Hispanic-racially-identifying spokespersons on news broadcasts, that people mostly from Mexico regard the U.S. in lower esteem than their own kind and consider the United States a place of lower ethical standards than their own — by these denigrating attitudes can be explained the preponderance by (mostly) Mexicans in ignoring our immigration laws and intentionally violating legal requirements (no one can claim today that they are not aware that they’re engaging in illegal actions by sneaking into the U.S. or any other country without application process for permission and legal terms to do so). No, they’ll “immigrate” by whatever because they think our immigration requirements, the laws of the nation, are not applicable to them, are, specifically, to be disregarded. They lack regard for the very basis upon which our nation is established and organized and that is the Constitutional principle of our rule of law — it makes the country what it is, defines our government, identifies our very local and national fabric and is the founding principle upon which all else rests.

And so they remain here by today’s numbers of approximately twelve million persons who are in the U.S. illegally and after the demonstration earlier this month in Chicago, Illinois, they don’t think there’s any reason they should not be able to remain here illegally and don’t intend on leaving. Thus, they’ve declared, literally, “war” on the country — a gauntlet such as was declared by that demonstration (and which reflects the going sentiments and attitudes by most illegal aliens) is an ultimatum: “make us because we won’t alter our behavior by our own will.”

They’ve chosen to deny and refuse to abide by immigration laws, requirements for legal presence in the country, and are not displaying much desire for citizenship (otherwise, they’d be pursuing legal immigration).

These are the attitudes that describe the illegal alien population in the country at this time. And from that population would come most if not nearly all those who would participate in a “guest worker program” if it was available. That means that they are not leaving the country after whatever terms of use of our country any program stipulates, and in addition to all the many others who continue to arrive here illegally (and who would be incentivized by the same incentives), the illegal alien population would only increase and the notorious “underground economy” would only flourish because of that.

If the Senate passes a “guest worker program,” they will be amplifying the illegal alien populations and encouraging the many problems that they say they want to discourage, particularly the secondary economy that relies on falsehoods and forgeries and unreported incomes and a bypass of economic, civic responsibilities by millions upon millions of people.

BD21298.gif And, thus, “guest worker program” is synonymous with “amnesty” regardless of what anyone says otherwise. To say that there’s no support for “amnesty” but there is support for a “guest worker program” (which is the position of President Bush, Senators John McCain, Arlen Specter, Ted Kennedy and many more), to allege these contradictions is to either be being fooled or to be fooling. I realize there is room for noble error here, someone reasoning these issues differently but the practical, realistic effects of any and all “guest worker programs” are that they will further incentivize and amplify and even encourage the very problem that those involved claim to be trying to solve.

The country needs a firm and resolute border along our southern boundary and along the Northern one if that’s necessary afterward. People are going to continue to tunnel under, climb over and hide their way across any porous border or passable structure until military force demands that they stop. And even then, they won’t stop but will simply lay back until they perceive another available vulnerability in whatever boundary exists. The only solution is an impassable border and absolute penalties for those who have taken and persist in taking what does not belong to them and who refuse to participate in a legal process to explain their presence in our country.

BD21298.gif Mexico owes the United States by this point a great deal of money. The United States taxpayers have funded the country of Mexico and it’s people by the billions upon billions and never once does the country — nor most of the people from there — say so much as “thank you.” Not that a “thank you” would begin to make it alright for Mexico to continue to violate the United States and whose population to violate the heart and soul of most Americans by preposterous presumptions upon our country. No, Mexico continues to receive millions upon millions more of U.S. dollars every year from American taxpayers, in addition to the money sent to Mexico by illegal aliens in the U.S. who are from Mexico. The point is, Mexico has it’s hand perpetually out, insults us for responding with generosity and then demands more without appreciation for what has been given. And dislikes us for giving, considers Americans lowlier and of less worth and credibility than themselves — I’ve met many like that from Mexico throughout my years in California, especially, and the resentment by most from Mexico about “Americans” is palpable.

Mexico, sadly, is no friend to the United States. They have not respected our existing laws so I see no realism in hoping or expecting that they’ll respect any future laws, “guest worker programs” included.

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