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From Federation for American Immigration Reform (‘FAIR”), comes this article (FAIR does a very good job of presenting comprehensive information about immigration and illegal aliens and related problems, along with ongoing legislation updates and contact information):

Can’t Afford to Buy a House in San Diego? Become an Illegal Alien.

The San Diego housing market is one of the most expensive in the country and many first-time home buyers are simply priced out of the market. Even if you can somehow scrape together enough money for a down payment, rising interest rates and mortgage insurance make it exceedingly difficult to become a homeowner. That is, unless you happen to be an illegal alien.

If you are in the country illegally, don’t have a valid social security number and use a taxpayer ID number instead, you’re in luck. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has persuaded Citibank, one of the nation’s largest banks, to help out. Illegal aliens in San Diego can purchase a home at below market interest rates, receive down payment assistance, and not have to take out mortgage insurance like other risky customers do.

A similar program instituted by Wells Fargo in the Los Angeles area attracted bad publicity, so Citibank is trying to keep quiet the fact that illegal aliens can get better deals on home mortgages than citizens. The position of the banks is that as long as there is a buck to be made off of illegal aliens, they are going to keep marketing to them. As Chuck Lemoine, a senior vice president at Wells Fargo said, ‘It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s good business.

Contact information:
Citibank (West) FSB
PO Box 348480
Sacramento, CA 95834-8480

A key issue today is the emerging popularity of Senator Frist’s “electronic border” plans but while I find Senator Frist supportable for many reasons, I consider the ‘electronic border” plans to be more of that Washington Ruse response that will cost Americans billions of dollars but won’t prevent ongoing illegal immigration and will do nothing to identify and return the twenty or so million illegal aliens who are now in the United States, nor do anything to penalize those who are involved with illegal aliens for one pursuit or many others.

Americans who employ illegal aliens (the United States Chamber of Commerce is among chief lobbyists to Congress about their members’ “needs” to be continually supplied with illegal aliens and to not be penalized for doing so) claim that they do so because of the appeal (and economic advantages to the employers) of “cheap labor.”

And yet, there is no “cheap labor” because the cost savings effects to those who employ illegal aliens are enjoyed by them in the short term while the cost expenses are passed along to the general American taxpayers. Our health care problems, neighborhood conditions, crime and housing concerns, Social Security “crises” and more, all of that is passed on to taxpayers and legal immigrants as additional cost and deteriorated conditions while the Chamber of Commerce members and theirs claim “cheap labor” aids and assists them.

Senator Bill Frist‘s “electronic border” will require billions of dollars to deploy and implement and maintain but will do nothing to stop the flow of illegal aliens into the country, nor will it do anything to return the existing illegal aliens already here back to wherever they originated. Unfortunately, both the latter are even more difficult but they are necessary to stop the problem. It’d be a start if Senator Frist would start responding to the American public’s opinion (build a border wall — if China can do it, and they did, and Israel can, and they did, so can the United States — and deport illegal aliens who are currently in the country today, and, penalize with effectiveness those who employ illegal aliens). Difficult but all are possible.

If Senator Frist has Presidential hopes, and the RNC wants to get serious about being serious — they aren’t at this stage about this issue and I’m wondering about Frist as I write this because of this issue — then there has to be effective immigration control, deportation of illegal aliens and a firm set of impervious conditions on our Southern border and then the Northern one if that’s also necessary. Either those or that people elsewhere will acknowledge the laws and requirements of the United States and then observe them, but they’ve had a lot of time to effect those behaviors and haven’t. The door needs to be closed if people won’t stop walking in uninvited and even without knocking first. Worse, what we now see are people taking down the door and claiming ownership of the house. And Congress worried as to how they can better enable that taking, at least the appearance of that — although turning on an electronic warning system seems interesting, it’s hardly deterrant to anyone who intends to take deed, part and parcel, with or without permission.

Right now, what I’ve read from Congress as to recent legislation again indulges Mexico. There is headway being made in general but there are loopholes in what’s being determined and what is not.

About Mexico:
— Mexico has a current population of 106,202,903.
— The Pew Hispanic Center estimates 850,000 illegal immigrants come to the U.S each year, of which 56% are from Mexico.
— This means 476,000 Mexicans (or roughly .45% of Mexico’s population) illegally immigrate to the US every year

And, here is what the offensive Vicente Fox has to say about Americans (primarily, he advances the offensive perpsective that to oppose illegal immigration is to be non-intellectual). I often wonder just what Fox would do and Mexico along with him (or apart from him) if ever called to on behalf of the United States. Mexico is interested in Mexico and often even despises the U.S. — many from there who are in the U.S. today do, in my experience, and almost always on a racial basis (Art Torres from California’s Democratic Party comes to mind here, who promotes his concept of right politics based upon his promotions of his racial type and the denigration of the rest, a now-common position by many like him, and how this relates to the government of Mexico, in my opinion, is that Vicente Fox ruminates and manipulates upon similar terms and it involves lack of regard for the United States as a country that is not majority ruled by “the race” and “the race” to their view is Hispanic and thus, I write again, it’s racist behavior and racist policy at work there if for no other reasons than it is racially defined and racially motivated).

For whatever reason, there’s certainly refusal to observe United States law as to immigration by those who illegally immigrate and also by those who employ illegal aliens, along with anyone in elected office who even remotely tolerates appeals as to why these behaviors should not be penalized but should, worse, be rewarded by protections from Congress.

Why these illegal activities should be rewarded remains something that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and members might want to explain to the American taxpayers and to legal immigrants, who have done things the right way, including buying goods and services from people who use illegal means to produce them: we pay for our goods and services, while others steal. Most honest people recognize which is the American way and which is not but there’s little debate as to which is criminality and which isn’t.

Is all this due to problems of language? People from nations to our South and East and West who don’t or won’t learn to read and speak the English language, being unable to recognize that there are legal requirements for immigration to the United States?

No, I think it’s a problem of character. You steal if you want it and it’s there, or, you don’t. Illegal immigration is theft, it’s stealing, it’s a violation of laws — almost always by plan and premeditation, full awareness of the violations involved — and those who do it are guilty of criminal behavior. Call it a problem of language if it helps ease the guilt but it’s still criminal behavior.

Promoting “guest worker” programs and amnesty and other rewards for those involved in it, even trying to excuse it and “deal with those who are here already” even when they are here illegally, is the language of enablers. If not complicity in the wrongdoing.


  1. Thanks for your very poignant blog. I couldn’t agree with you more!