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Picture 2093.gif Quick, someone disconnect Ruth Marcus from the internet (“MAN OVERBOARD“) and from televised talk shows and send her to boot camp instead, or at least, a camping trip without marshmallows, matches, canned or dried food, cellphone and a down-filled coat. Ruth Marcus needs to spend time away from liberally comforting easements and try a few weeks surviving on her own (unfortunately, a few weeks would not do it in her case but it would be a good start), to show her that the world is a sharp and absolute place and human life is not at the top of the food chain, not without human tools — most of which were invented and perfected by just that overt “manliness” that she decries in the Bush Administration, nor is it a safe and peaceful place among people after they have those tools and again, more “manliness” is necessary when compared with the onset of force, be it what it may be or, worse, is.

I know I need (and appreciate) helps moving and building furniture, constructing a house, moving fallen trees, downing a bear and staving off the hoardes, some of whom througout time (and that includes the present) want to take all that — furniture, trees, the house, and much more. I know that tractors don’t grow in yards, nor the fields with green beans grow without a lot of “manliness” to devise all that and to put it all in place — and to keep it there by diligence and defense. And, I know I can cook a steer but no way can I slaughter one. “Manliness” is necessary to our human world as opinions are to Ruth Marcus. Marcus, however, and those who perceive as she does, are victims of their own limitations, unable to see past their own noses.

If ever there was a case of human — and, sadly, feminine — disconnect from the realities of our world, both human and inhumane — Ruth Marcus has written it into her article in the She reveals all the destructive stupidity and useless woefulness of a perspective high by false pretense, assumptions without regard for all the comforts and possibilities that are had by a lot of hard work and sometimes, worse, by the cost of human lives so persons such as Ruth Marcus can sit at her keyboard and decry the determination it takes to make that all possible. This article by Marcus reveals a substantial disconnect from the awareness that we are only as safe in our neighborhoods and offices as others are determined to push back and confront those who do intend to take that all away from our ease of access. And so “too much manliness” and “cowboy hats” and “the war” become Ruth Marcus’ cyber-watercooler-coffee-talking-snips instead of nails, her waist size, someone else’s annoying perfume or, worse, using the stairs and bad grammar.

Picture 2093.gif Along with protecting and supplying the necessities, there is also the weight to carry: the Ruth Marcus’ among our humanity as they “share” their embittered disappointments and flippant nastiness with everyone else about why their modern and safe lives are such a burden. Ruth Marcus would have been the one among stoneage humanity who the “manly” would be throwing food at so she would be fed. But not without a few laughs while throwing all that food her way from those greasy, capable paws.


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