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Picture 2068.gif This is disturbing: multiple spammer trackback attempts made this morning (“Junk” rated by the MovableType program installed on this website and for good reason: they all attempt spam-trackback listings for online “a fool and his money are soon parted” scam websites) from a scammer/spammer website by I.P.A.

Looking into that I.P.A. (, originating from Dallas, TX there is an existing blacklisting in place by UCEPROTECT-Network’s ( process for spamming but for the I.P.A. range of Looking into, it’s identified as being associated with a website that references the events of 9/11: “” (no link provided here but the address can be copied and pasted into a browser for those curious).

Picture 2068.gif Set me to wondering if but what scammers are attempting to force a perception about “victims” of 9/11 as being the terrorists; certainly the spammer involved using I.P.A. (and previous range — — given that blacklisting in place by UCEPROTECT) is responsible for about the lowest possible nastiness imaginable.

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