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UPDATE, 03/24/06:

BEN DOMENECH RESIGNS” — plagiarism is his legacy, and to state the obvious, it’s an immense disappointment for those of us who enjoy (and will continue to enjoy) the blog he founded, RED STATE, and yet welcome the conclusion of his fledging blog at the Washington Post, RED AMERICA. Although I hope that will persevere in including another conservative writer among it’s opinion editorial blogs.

Read More from Michelle Malkin, whose views I share:

SECOND UPDATE, 03/24/06:

“Domenech told HUMAN EVENTS he would soon be posting to a detailed rebuttal to the plagiarism charges. Domenech co-founded, and it’s contributors have been steadfast in their support for him.

“The biggest bulk of work in question comes from Domenech’s college years at William & Mary. While working at the student newspaper his freshman year, Domenech said, he discovered his editor had been inserting the work of other publications into his movie reviews. He left the job after one semester and went to work for another publication when the editor received a promotion, he said.

“‘The idea that the attack machine has gotten to the level where they dig back to your freshman year of college, when you’re 17, and say, “Hey, this guy should have been thinking about the authority of what he was writing the same way that people do at the New York Times,” then, I mean, it’s idiotic,’ he said. ‘I certainly was sloppier than I should have been, but the sense that I ever felt this was significant or this was dangerous or that there was ever anything to come out of it is just ridiculous.’

“Asked about the voluminous amount of documentation cited by left-wing bloggers and some conservatives’ decision to believe it, Domenech said: ‘In a lot of this stuff, it’s based on who you believe. And if you believe the lefties are right or if you believe someone who you know and who you’ve worked with is right, I guess the thing I would point out is that I’ve done my best to never do anything to raise any kind of question about this sort of thing. And if you look at the overwhelming bulk of everything I’ve written, you’ll find there is no question about it. The questions are about small things, a lot of them easily explainable, especially the things that come after college…”
(Read the entire article…)

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Picture 760.gif The best election coverage on the internet in the Fall of 2004 — from among websites in general but blog sites especially — was found on the blog, REDSTATE. Excellent breaking-news coverage and stats, no snipes and contrariness to bog the reader, most of us at that time eager for minute-to-minute news as the Presidential election decision emerged. Yes, REDSTATE. A superb job done — and being done since that time about other developments — by an excellent blog.

And so, reading Michelle Malkin moments ago (“CONSERVATIVE BLOGGER UNDER FIRE“) about REDSTATE’s Ben Domenech now blogging in an opinion column at as RED AMERICA (“Pachyderms in the Mist: Red America and the MSM“), and from the reaction to that column by way of an overpouring of screed by liberals too accustomed to being spoon-fed sweet breaded words throughout time past thickened with heady, stagnant, closed-room “progressive” politics from, the average liberal response to Domenech’s RED STATE was somewhere in the the word-equivalency of critical care without supplies (“‘Wash Post’ Launches Conservative Blog, Provokes a ‘Firestorm'” from Editor&Publisher).

Picture 760.gif If has ever done a good thing in recent history, it is to now publish Domenech’s RED STATE and entice some of us conservatives and voting Republicans to their site by way of that blogger’s work and contributions because, otherwise, many (if not all) of us would not be giving their place the time of day.

I think the noticable difference between the progressive and conservative populations, as to issue-and-socio-political-alignments, is that we conservatives do not write screed and moldy degeneracy to with every disagreable happening or even at mere offense at what we (may) read there; no, we just stop reading. It took me all of several years to write so much as one entry on this blog site (“THE STAIN IN THE POOL“), earlier this day, about a really low-bellied opinionator from that site, and I sure had no plans to ever return to it afterward after that.

Instead and however, just knowing that Ben Domenech is contributing to as a blogger is incentive enough for me to now visit their site and not to dismiss it altogether as I have these past few years. Now, if only the Republican Party would do likewise, and stop it with their recently assumed personna as the New Liberal Party.

Picture 760.gif About which, Domenech expresses that well:

“…Republicans have given in to the wisdom of the MSM and the beltway talking heads instead of listening to their constituents and the conservative political base. On the size of government, on immigration and on issues of federal power, Republicans have adopted the same Washington strategies that doomed the Democrats in the 1994 cycle, as this article yesterday illustrates. They’ve grown fat and happy on pork contracts, and forgotten why they were sent to this town in the first place.

“Even President Bush is guilty of this — would a White House that put principle before patronization, listened to its base, and remained focused on election season ever make the gargantuan mistake of nominating Harriet Miers? Of course not — and smart Democrats are determined to use this split to their advantage.

“Red America’s citizens are the political majority. They’re here to stay. It’s time to start paying attention to what they believe and why.”

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