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My adaptation from a cartoon, credit unknown — my best guess is that it was originally published by (The Union Tribune), given the “Escondido” (CA) reference in the original version.

Picture 758.gif Interesting clouding of the issues by ongoing media headlines as to “immigrants protesting for immigrant rights,” when all immigrants have all the rights of all other immigrants, as granted by our Constitution (‘THOUSANDS RALLY ACROSS THE COUNTRY FOR IMMIGRANT RIGHTS” and “IMMIGRATION PROTESTS SPREAD ACROSS COUNTRY” from earlier today).

The issue is as to illegal aliens, who protest under veil of being bestowed with “rights” while refusing to acknowledge the very body of laws they claim they are protected by. These protests are not as to “immigrant rights” but as to illegal aliens’ objections to the laws and requirements for citizenship by the United States.

There is also the obvious Hispania-mania going on, a persistence in promoting illegal immigration as some specially bestowed privilege upon people of Hispania as being immune and impervious to immigration laws and requiremets of citizenship. Most of Americans continue to wonder just why Hispanics can rally on racially-centric terms (theirs) and denounce referral or mention of any other racial characteristics as organizational principle: example, “CAUCASIANS RALLY FOR CAUCASIAN RIGHTS” — not going to happen by my plan or action but I mention that here to emphasize just how racially-incentivized is this current ongoing civic disorder under premise of “immigrant rights” by, almost always, people of Hispania whose organizational issues are based upon inherent racial characteristics (theirs), that they are owed special status in comparison with others, that they lay claim to “rights” by way of illegal behaviors and an imperialism from, mostly, Mexico as a nation and whose people “own” the United States based upon Hispanic-racial dominance.

Now, that is racism. And those are all the characteristics of hate-group ideology and behavior, if not an attack upon our Constitution.

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From one of those articles (“IMMIGRATION PROTESTS SPREAD ACROSS COUNTRY“), there is this revealing information:

“About 200 people converged on the steps of the Georgia Capitol, some wrapped in Mexican flags and holding signs reading: ‘Don’t panic, we’re Hispanic’…”

They’re in the United States illegally — or upset because those they know and represent are and they share a mutual racial type, perhaps orignating nationality — and they represent themselves on a State Capitol wearing/displaying the flag of another nation promoting upon a racial characteristic to protest citizenship in the United States and yet want to “work” in the United States, or…just what, exactly, IS the protest all about, if not racial animosities from, mostly, Hispanics from Central and South America about the United States, and specifically, about “white people” in the United States.

That article continues: “…The public appears to be more on the side of tougher border control. Three-quarters of respondents to a Time magazine poll in January said the United States is not doing enough to keep illegal immigrants from entering the country. Roughly the same amount said they favor a guest worker program for illegal immigrants, but 46 percent said those workers should have to return first to their native countries and apply. About 50 percent favored deporting all illegal immigrants.”

Picture 758.gif I’ve written earlier that my preference is that illegal aliens be deported. I don’t arrive at that conclusion easily nor without a lot of thought and empathy about these many millions of people illegally in the United States today. However, the protests, the racial animosities, the denigration of the laws and ethics of the country by this population has lent a great deal of encouragement to my views and for the most part, I see a lot of insistence by a lot of people involved in illegal immigration as to their belligerent determination to do what they want to do despite and in defiance of our laws. We are all judged by our own actions and ethics and the same should be applied to everyone, consistently. Most of us don’t violate laws or if and when we do, it’s either accidental or by stupidity, lack of awareness, but most of us don’t intentionally set out to plan, pursue and then carry out violatons of laws, nor rationalize doing so because our motive is to acquire more for ourselves.

There is no pristine criminality for illegal aliens, is my point, no special characteristic that requires the rest of us to withhold applying the same principles to their violations of laws (that means, “it’s illegal”) while then applying those same principles to ourselves and others. But you’d never know that by listening to the complaints (“protests”) today.


Linda Chavez

Picture 758.gif And, about those protests and these issues, Linda Chavez, venting and intolerant, appeared earlier today on YOUR WORLD WITH NEIL CAVUTO. With a great deal of emotional emphasis, Ms Chavez claims that the U.S. economy is “dependent upon (illegal alien) cheap labor” and will be “grossly affected” if (this “cheap labor” = illegal aliens) is not available, as will be businesses who rely on this “cheap labor,” and that “(she) is on the board of two of these companies” and that “these companies” (and others like them) “would move overseas or fold” if they could not (maintain use of llegal aliens).

Neil Cavuto attempted to temper her comments, suggesting that the U.S. economy would not “fold” if illegal aliens were no longer a source of “cheap labor” to some companies in the U.S., which only served to intensify Chavez’s anger: “you’re just wrong” she retorted.

Her tone of voice was punishing of any suggestion that what she was saying might not be entirely accurate, and retaliatory about any compromise to maintaining what it was she says she understands (maintaining access to and use of “cheap labor” which she used to define “illegal aliens” working in the U.S.).

Picture 758.gif I looked up the “companies” that Linda Chavez is “on the Board of” and found this on her website, from her “Bio” section (these are the companies that Ms. Chavez says two of which are so dependent upon iillegal-aliens-as-cheap-labor that they will “fold” and “move to foreign countries” if they can’t continue to have access to illegal aliens in the U.S.):

“…Chavez serves on the Board of Directors of ABM Industries, Inc., Pilgrim’s Pride, and IDT Capital, a subsidiary of IDT Corporation, as well as on boards of several non-profit organizations. Chavez is also active in the Republican Party and chairs the Latino Alliance, a federally registered political action committee.”

In all due respect to the Republican Party, it is just this perspective and use of ethical-elipticism (“everything is alright because nothing is wrong when it’s an issue relevant to racism” — in her case, Chavez’s Hispania) that is stifling discussions about these issues in the country today and which is, literally, responsible for the expensive and frightening chaos that has resulted — what we see today in our country that is fast approaching the same civil unrest that we see in France and elsewhere in South America.

Ms. Chavez may have made the move from liberalism to conservativism — so she says, so she is accredited as by other sources — but she persists as someone representing a racial perspective and by that an exploitation of capitalism for racial purposes. Capitalism is only as profitable as it is possible — and exploiting the laws of our nation is ethically inexcusable by these organizations and the many others in our nation today who participate in hiring illegal aliens and by that it undermines the ethicality of capitalism itself. What these companies and individual promoters categorize as “cheap labor” is a series of very expensive liability to everyone else.

I’m disappointed to find that the Republican Party is involved — and yet this discovery is not a recent one, although recent experience have shown me that there is a concerted effort on the internet by some in the Republican Party to silence and suppress discussion about illegal aliens and certainly in our U.S. Senate to commisserate with the most liberal members there inorder to push past the American public objectionable legislation that indulges illegal aliens and the companies that employ them. And I will write about that tomorrow and also over this weekend

But, about Linda Chavez and those like her, I think this review from, in respect to one of her books (“An Unlikely Conservative: The Transformation of an Ex-Liberal“) is revealing:

From Publishers Weekly

“Nearly two years after losing her chance to be President Bush’s Secretary of Labor, Chavez offers up a memoir cum apologia steeped in defensiveness. Although she recognizes that her failure to be candid with Bush’s advisers about the illegal alien she housed for an extended period in the early1990s cost her the cabinet position, she doesn’t hesitate to pass the blame around. She lashes out at the media’s coverage of her downfall and at the neighbor she asked for advice before talking to the FBI, who turned out to be the sister of ABC’s White House correspondent. Her self-righteousness shapes the bulk of the narrative: all her professional setbacks, for example, were inevitably the fault of white administrators who didn’t expect her kind of talent from an affirmative action minority. Then there’s the constant rejection from Hispanic peers, who ‘viewed me not just as an opponent but as a heretic, a traitor.’ The story of her transition from college liberalism and union activism to various appointments in the Reagan administration has several interesting sections, like her combative experiences as a grad student teaching UCLA’s first ‘Chicano literature’ class. But many will find it hard to feel sympathy for someone who takes such glee in the opportunity, now that she apparently has nothing left to lose politically, to settle old scores. — Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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  1. -S- says:

    Exactly right, in my view.

    This sliding-scale of ethics is also destroying much confidence in just what it means to be a conservative. From the Left, sadly, there is anticipated if not accepted loss of ethics (sorry to offend anyone reading this but it’s the reality for many of us about liberals and liberalism, that there is little to no moral compass there), but from the Right, from among conservatives who are promoting “business” by way of enticements and incentives for illegal immigration (much of what is fueling the “debate” today in our Senate, while the House seems to be able to rally about ethics, to wit: HR 4437 passed by the House but a current stumbling block to the Senate), from the Right, it is really difficult to accept these indulgences of illegal behaviors because they are useful to certain contexts of “business.”

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been one of the chief lobbyists and promoters of illegal aliens as “cheap labor” and it sets a very bad taste as to the credibility of capitalism, and their marginal ethics on this issue fulfills, to my view, the worst negative stereotypes about capitalism to those who oppose it. Thus, the “capitalist tool” methodology as to this entire concept of the “musthaves” of illegal aliens as “cheap labor” becomes the worm that eats the heart out of the capitalist apple.

  2. epador says:

    I am currently entangled with an officer whose e-mail signature ends with the byline “Integrity is what you do when no one is looking” which unfortunately explains a lot about what he does when he thinks someone is looking.

    We started a downhill slide in integrity in the 60’s when it became more and more fashionable to flout rules or laws, as long as we had an excuse. This stage is sadly not the end of the slide unless we wake up as a society and start thinking strongly about just what we want, and how we want to get or keep it. Until then, integrity will remain a catch-phase that too many do not understand, or at least emulate. Its something we need to demonstrate, and definitely WHEN OTHERS ARE LOOKING as well as when they are not!

  3. epador says:

    ooooh lovely metaphor, but I could have waited until after my caramel apple…