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BD21298.gif It’s illegal for American citizens to sell their citizenship.

BD21298.gif Then, why is it alright for political parties, “labor unions and civil rights (attorneys)” and religious organizations, and, the Executive and Legislative Branches of our United States government to now be debating how to do that?

They’re all going to be pretty darn busy monitoring all that activity on eBay in another year or two and then trying to monitor all those buyers from wherever — I have a hunch most buyers will be from Central and South America, the Middle East and China — while blaming various others among their bodies for the chaos that results from “guest worker” plans with twelve million illegal aliens being sold American citizenship.

Along those lines, I also voted for former President Bill Clinton (once) so I’ve made voting mistakes and probably will continue to in the future — however, voting for President Bush was not the wrong thing to do but, aside from the Supreme Court appointments (which were largely shaped by voter objectioin to Bush’s plans) and progress in the Middle East, my votes have been justified, but this last thing, this “guest worker” program process is the straw that breaks this voter’s ballot. Worse, the Democrats are more bust about this issue so that leaves a lot of work ahead to help elect viable Presidents and members of the House, should citizenship as I know it today even exist in another couple of years, given present-day trends.

BD21298.gif Meanwhile, “BUSH CALLS FOR IMMIGRATION BILL” contingent upon reminding Americans about the “jobs Americans won’t do.” I wonder where he and the GOP expect future votes to come from because, obviously, it isn’t from Americans — or won’t be in the near future unless there is radical change. John McCain does not represent radical change but Tom Tancredo does.

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