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BD21298.gif A lot is, however.


He has also declared that he “looks to Mexico” for direction, and by his activities and relationships declared allegiance to the nation of Mexico and thereby to his racial preferences otherwise, so a large part of Los Angeles is, indeed, lost.

BD21298.gif However, reading a new blog/website, “LAVoice,” as to this article about the Mayor, I was pleasantly surprised to read many comments from many residents of Los Angeles who write there in the comments sections of that site as to their support for the United States of America as a sovereign nation (it’s a wretched state of affairs that some of us today have to even explain that, much more so wretched that some of us Americans find ourselves having to explain why that’s important), and many commentors there also supporting the Sensenbrenner legislation from the U.S. House of Represntatives, now butchered into legislation the equivalent of rotten guacamole.

It’s an interesting read and an encouraging find to see that, “even in” Los Angeles, the city some Americans have given up on as a part of the nation of the United States, that even in Los Angeles, there are an abundance of Americans writing in criticism of the “L.A. protests” of last week — in criticism, also, of the same protests that occured in many other cities in the U.S. simultaneously (take a look over “THE AMERICAN FLAG COMES SECOND“) — and in criticism of, succinctly, illegal immigrants, and, moreso, in support of deporting illegal aliens from the United States.

BD21298.gif An excellent editorial, RECKLESS IN THE SENATE, from the National Review — which I found by reading the Stein Report early yesterday morning, is also encouraging. More and more, what’s appearing from Americans all across our nation is that we want an end to illegal immigration, we want secured borders and illegal activity curtailed and punished and, we do not support guest worker programs and particularly do not support any notion of amnesty by whatever other names or avoidances some legislators, to the contrary, call it.

About that article, I wrote these comments on the Stein Report, and wanted to reprint them here, to be included among my own site contents — as many of you who know me by way of my commenting on a few favorite websites, I use the I.D. “-S-” via Typekey registration and everywhere else I lay claim to what I’ve written (I’m not keen on anonymous posting on the internet and rarely, if ever, engage in it).

So, here are my comments that I wrote on the Stein Report, in response to this tremendously brave editiorial from NRO, “RECKLESS IN THE SENATE“:

Picture 760.gif It is a very good article — I encourage everyone to read it — but as to our Senate, I barely recognize any semblance to a U.S. government, based upon their comments that have continued from Monday on. Having called each member of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week and tried to express my opinions about amnesty and guest worker programs, etc. (Brownback’s office disconnected my call after my first sentence, just as I was saying, “…guest worker…[click]” and a number of the others [barely] listened but were obviously disdainful of me contacting them), I knew there was predetermined and undermining opinion in the works based upon how their offices responded so intolerantly of my opinion (not in support of McCain/Kennedy), BUT, even so, it’s as if we now have some foreign and hostile group in our D.C. offices posing as representatives of the country and they are representing AGAINST the American voters.

The House continues to make believable efforts (I agree with the Sensenbrenner legislation and think the Senate is truly traitorous to our country for their recent attempts to malign the significant aspects of that legislation) but the Senate…and I write this as if I’ve just seen a very, very moving but wretched film and remain stunned by it…the Senate and the ongoing statements coming from the Senate this week, it’s as if they are a conquering, adverse government now taken control of our country.

They are sworn by oaths of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. And yet, the many statements I continue to hear from — Kennedy, Durbin, Graham, Feinstein, Specter, especially — are outrageously reasoned but horrible in perspective.

That is, they pose impassioned, reasoned arguments but what they argue on behalf of is in direct opposition to the Constitution, to those they are sworn to represent: American citizens. Many of the Senators (from New Mexico, for another one) go on and on about relatives who were immigrants and ignore altogether the issue of illegal immigration, as if they have never even heard of “laws” nor read our Constitution as to what and who is a citizen and how that’s accomplished, or none of that by those who refuse to participate in a lawful process.

Their immigrant relatives have NOTHING to do with today’s problems of and caused by illegal immigration. The Senate does nothing to redress those who are violating our laws and continues to emphasise how “difficult” and “impossible” and “not practical” enforcing the laws already on the books is.

Then, why are they even in Congress? Did none of them even understand their oaths of office? These people read and talk on and on and on in all seriousness, as if it’s all theater, but make no to little sense in relationship to reality.

They can “pass” into law all the opinion they want but unless they set about enforcing that/those laws, they are as good as toast in a bowl of milk: they can claim that they want people to “go home” and apply for citizenship, blah, blah, blah, pay a $1,000. fine for, blah, blah, blah, but how many illegal aliens are going to ever do any of that? They aren’t because, just as today, they are aware that there is little to no penalty for their unlawful behavior. Even protesting in the streets and giving interviews under their own names does not pose a problem to illegal aliens because they know that no one will seek justice on behalf of the American people.

I saw a film once from the U.K. called “Threads” about the immediate aftermath of a nuclear war. All the government people and beaureaucrats were immediately whisked away to their crises centers in protected underground areas, where they talked and argued and talked and talked about what to do for the country up above and all the people in need and how to respond and blah, blah, blah … intermixed with scenes from above ground in the U.K. itself and the wretched devastation and suffering and disorganization and utter depravity that some resulted to…and the government meanwhile going blah, blah, blah from their secure areas with coffee and warm beds and blah, blah, blah…while the reality for the actual people was horrible.

The point being is that I think today of our U.S. Senate as just those beaureaucrats from that film, going blah, blah, blah, my grandmother, blah, blah, blah, agricultural workers, give them citizenship even though they are illegal, blah, blah, blah…without regard or reason to the actual problems, as if American citizens do not even exist.

But, their ignoring the Constitution is the most terrible of all. The Senate, well, from what I saw this week from most of them, they are traitors to our nation.

Picture 760.gif READ Rasmussen Poll results because it’s obvous that Congress isn’t, or, if they are reading them, they choose to disregard what’s expressed in these polls:

More Important:
Reduce Illegal Immigration….65%
Expand Legal Opportunities for Foreign Workers…25%

Should there be a way for illegal immigrants with a job to stay in the U.S. Legally?

Trust More on Immigration:

Picture 760.gif More: “SENATORS DON’T READ POLLS


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