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Picture 2086.gif If the Bush Administration, in all seriousness, wants to make headway with the public (or begin to, perhaps is closer to the reality of this issue) as to the UAE Port Deal, then they need to stop sending spokespersons to places like FOX News, as they did this morning, who say things like:

“Not ALLLL Arabs are baaaaad.”

Particularly when it’s said as a closing statement with giant, flashy teeth exposed by a false smile through a passive-aggressive mommy tone.

Where to start with that one, where to start. Firstly, no one’s thinking that “all Arabs are bad.” Secondly, most reasonably lucid persons know that there’s no such thing as cloned characteristics to and among any — obviously — non-cloned individual comprising regional cultures (in this case, “Arabs”). Thirdly, this wobbling loftyness, this theatrical piety are more versions of the insulting dismissals based upon underestimating the thinking process and physical efforts and abilities of most everyone else (in this case, the voting American public to include most of Congress) like we’ve heard before, and unfortunately, still are with mere changes of dates of delivery, and — wo — issue.

Picture 2086.gif On the other hand, “all terrorists terrorizeis an accurate statement. Unfortunately, it’s not being said in reference to the Port Deal. Nor is the fact that UAE has compliciity with terrorism, if not direct association with it and, also unfortunately, still does. Nor is the fact that the Ports Deal is aimed toward an organization that is a nationalized, commercial group and aspect of the UAE, not mere “foreign business” but a business that is, in effect, a foreign government. The UAE are said to be, by enthusiasts of this UAE Port Deal, “a great ally” but they are also involved by relationship and behavior with terrorists and those who terrorize. The ideology that affects nearly all the populaton of the UAE (among others), however, is mutually shared by terrorists.

So, people over here wonder. It’s reasonable. If I hear or read another accusation that those of us who do wonder are “xenophobes” and/or are “xenophobic,” I’ll be more than convinced that we are neither, because the ongoing negative labelling — of Americans in search of security and preservation of life and liberty — is an indication that too soon and already, that degree of besmirching is the smoke about which a fire below is rightfully suspect. Fear spits out the labelling; fear mongers stitch it on.

Read more tiresome intimidation tactics, or, which OpEd can be otherwise summarized as having written…braaaaiiiiinnns…..

Picture 2086.gif I’d like to hear and read that the questions and concerns of us little-people-lone-Americans are worthy of respect and not belittlement. I thought my lone vote was worth something.

Picture 2086.gif Because, and fourthly, as to the political: you are who you say you are only so far as you are believed to be by being believable.

“‘The fact that you are putting a company in place that could already be infiltrated by al-Qaida is a silly thing to do,’ said Mike Scheuer, who headed the CIA unit until 1999.”


From a public display at Ground Zero in New York City, N.Y. on February 01, 2006 by muslim “students” — see original photo, which is even worse than this attempt at clarity.

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  1. BIRD says:


    Oliver North’s latest column is excellent (‘MISUNDERESTIMATED DISCONFIRMATION”), although I lack his confident perspective that the UAE would not impact security should the Dubai Port Deal go through. Over a billion dollars buys a lot of information. …

  2. BIRD says:

    45 DAYS LATER…

    I appreciate what Newt Gingrich is saying on FOX News’ O’Reilly Factor today. It would be easy if the UAE Port Deal issue was as merely colorful and succinct as a series of cartoons, but, I realize it is neither. Its up to Americans whether or not for…