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The BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES is a self-submitted collection of the worst posts by otherwise excellent bloggers. It is a weekly event, organized by Wizbang, and appears each week on various blogs who volunteer to host it. To participate in this week’s BONFIRE (you are here), on or before Tuesday, January 03, 2006, send a link to your worst post along with any self-serving excuses or clever self-mocking to: bonfire at Or, entries can also be submitted via Conservative Cat’s Carnival or the Blog Carnival submission forms.

Following are participants in this week’s BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES.

Picture 2122.gif From: Free Money Finance
Comments: “Here’s one I wish I didn’t (have to) write.”
Article to Carnival: Review: The Number by Lee Eisenberg

Picture 2122.gif From: The People’s Republic of Seabrook
Comments: “How about I just beat the rush and puncture my eardrums now?”
Article to Carnival: This week’s sign that the Apocalypse is upon us

Picture 2122.gif From: Conservative Cat
Comments: “I was in such a hurry when I did this virus warning piece that I forgot to put in a punch line.”
Article to Carnival: Important MSN Messenger Safety Tip

Picture 2122.gif From: The Dax Files
Article to Carnival: Christmas with Dax

Picture 2122.gif From: Early Riser
Comments: “Early Riser learns an important lesson from his 5 year old daughter. Puke make you do funny things.”
Article to Carnival: The quintessential parenting experience.

Picture 2122.gif From: Mean Ol’ Meany
Comments: “Just plain lazy, I am.”
Article to Carnival: Hooray for AOL! Post # 2

Picture 2122.gif From: 7 Deadly Sins
Comments: “I really do want to remove the ads, I am just weak. Greed trumps pride.”
Article to Carnival: Greed: Ads

Picture 2122.gif From: Sophistpundit
Comments: “In which I indulge in silly bickering with the host of the last COV [Carnival of Vanities].”
Article to Carnival: A little point-counterpoint

Picture 2122.gif From: Peakah’s Provocations
Comments: “No Choking the Chicken!”
Article to Carnival: Deep Fried Dipwad

Picture 2122.gif From: Mad Anthony
Comments: “…in which I defend that staple of my long-past college days, the 40.”
Article to Carnival: Defending Liquid Crack

Picture 2122.gif From: Dodgeblogium
Article to Carnival: Clarkson DVD

Picture 2122.gif From: Multiple Mentality
Comments: “A post recapping a FANTASY football season has got to be worth a spot in the bonfire. A post recapping FOUR fantasy seasons? Well, I’ll leave that in your hands.”
Article to Carnival: It’s Just a Fantasy

Picture 2122.gif From: Technogypsy
Comments: “When you have to explain the play on words twice, you probably shouldn’t have posted it.”
Article to Carnival: Drinking the Electric Koolaid

Picture 2122.gif From: Overtaken by Events
Comments: “A shiny new cast for Christmas”
Article to Carnival: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Picture 2122.gif From: Suldog-O-Rama
Comments: “I asked readers for suggestions of what to write about. This was…suggested by one of them, and I (like an idiot) tried to do it. There is also a Part Two, where I try to extricate myself from Part One…”
Article to Carnival: Wonderbreadanimalman

If you want to be reminded to enter the BONFIRE each week via e-mail, subscribe to the BONFIRE Mailing List, thanks to the industry of Kevin Aylward and his Wizbangblog.

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  1. BIRD says:


    The BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES (a self-submitted collection of the worst posts by otherwise excellent bloggers) is this week extra special because it’s the beginning of the New Year. Remarkably, despite the holiday today, already there are eight submissio…

  2. -S- says:

    Thanks! Happy New Year to you, too.

  3. Peakah says:

    Thanks for hosting! Happy New Year!!

  4. Wizbang says:

    Bonfire of the Vanities #131

    The Bonfire of the Vanities (a self-submitted collection of the worst posts by otherwise excellent bloggers) is hosted by Suzy Rice at BIRD this week. It’s a special New Year’s edition to boot… Visit The Bonfire If you want to…

  5. The Alliance says:

    Wednesday Linky Stuff

    Your Filthy Lie Assignment: Would Evil Glenn make a good James Bond villain? Why or why not? is due by 11pm EST Friday, January 6th. Late entries must be accompanied by a lame excuse. Christian Carnival #103 is up at

  6. Thanks for including me!

  7. -S- says:

    Sure, although Wizbang deserves all the blame, ha.

    Footnote: that’s a joke, to any who don’t read the humor there.

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