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Picture 2125.gif Interesting article, interesting reality and interesting social manipulation underway nationwide…”Few Drawn to Illegal Immigration Protests.”

What is omitted from this article is that the “few” who are “drawn” to “illegal immigration protests” are the mere representation of people who care to participate in public displays about illegal immigration. They may or may not be “racists,” as per how they are ridiculed and taunted by people who may or may not be criminals and/or otherwise breaking local and national laws (illegal immigration is a federal crime and those who engage in it by supporting it, promoting it, employing those who are in the country illegally, are criminals — who may or may not be “racists” but they are criminals). The issue in that article is public protests and the numbers willing or available to engage in public protests but the article coyly alludes to a wrongful perception and that is that few people oppose illegal immigration.

Picture 2125.gif Wrong. Most people in the country who are here legally do oppose illegal immigration and that means oppose people who are in the country by illegal means, oppose people who employ those who are in the country illegally, oppose the violations of trust that is inherent in the process of illegal activity — in immigration, employment, identities, economics, the whole lot.

It’s now a case in the United States of modestly, functionally intelligent people having to oppose nonsense by other people who are keen to apply nonsense to avoid acceptable functionality and ridiculing others who “have a problem” with that. Never a more massive case of working propoganda was ever displayed and that is that the criminal terms and definitions are now forced upon the law-abiding as “good” instead of objectionable. It’s objectionable to the average person that people break laws and illegal immigration has long been defined in the United States as criminally wrong. That means most people otherwise reject it and reject those who engage in it. Whether those protestations and objections are publicly displayed isn’t the point.

Picture 2125.gif Criminals have long used the process of taunting and ridiculing — if not threatening by greater force, although taunting and ridiculing are certainly acts of threat and often employ force of various degrees — to try to reduce the numbers from among those who criticize and draw attention to crimes and criminal behavior. Try telling someone either in the process of committing a criminal act, or afterward while they enjoy their ill gotten gains, that they ought to stop it, turn themselves in, change their lives, act differently, and see what happens.

The same thing occurs as to illegal immigration and most people who have an opinion that is not supportive of illegal immigration have experienced this on the internet, in their own neighborhoods, in the media: if you oppose illegal immigration, you’re taunted, ridiculed, harassed even, as being “a racist,” if not other, vile blasts.

So, alright, not everyone is intelligent to the degree that is required to understand what that term means. But it’s puzzling that it’s applied to those who oppose illegal immigration because it like calling an apple a game of football: it’s illogical and nonsensical a statement about the target (the apple/those who oppose illegal immigration), BUT, it’s applied by people who are engaged in, participating in, illegal activity to and about people who find their behaviors offensive and problematic.

In my experience, illegal immigration is characterised by those who accuse others of that which they themselves are engaged in: a racially motivated process. That is, they are themselves, the accusers (people who say that those who oppose illegal immigraiton are “racist”), speaking from a racially aware perspective and are intellectually, wrongly applying a pejorative about those who disagree with their actions, but in reality, are identifying THEMSELVES (those involed in illegal immigration) as “racist.”

They are revealing that they are functioning from within a racially-motivated and racially identifiable set of behaviors, revealing their perspectives: anyone who opposes their behaviors, to a racist, then, is “racist.”

Because, otherwise, perhaps they’d have to admit that they are involved in criminal activity and own up to their wrongful behavior. Or, worse to most criminals, change their character, lay aside their criminal acts, abandon “the life” (as in, “lifestyle”) of criminaltiy.

But, rather than do that, everyone ELSE is the problem to those who are engaged in illegal immigration, and that includes everyone who is sharing and participating in the process of and associated with illegal immigration.

Picture 2125.gif There is the encroaching social denigration applied by illegal immigrants and supporters to people of American citizenship or legal residency — that to not share in supporting illegal immigration, you’re the outcast in your own country — and most citizens and legal residents have experienced these acts as nearly ‘routine’ in our own neighborhoods: the snickering from the corner, the stares, the sudden bursting of a foreign language whenever someone noticably different in race passes by. These are displays of racial animosity originating from illegal immigrants and those who support illegal immigration. The “racists” are the illegal immigrants.

These are racially motivated acts by people displaying racially motivated nastiness to people who are not of their racial type and it’s not the citizens and legal residents NOR the legal immigrants who behave this way, it’s illegal immigrants and their apologizers who are, and, worse, who use resources that aren’t theirs without anyone else’s permission and then ridicule others who object.

Picture 2125.gif Illegal immigration devalues the worth of citizenship — in the United States and anywhere else that is affected — and it humiliates and punishes those people who are involved in legal immigration, as it does those of us who recognize the value and worth of legal immigration. To be an illegal immigrant is not necessarily to be of any racial type nor problematic in a racial sense to anyone else, but to be an illegal immigrant is to be responsible for bad behavior that the rest of us are right and even responsible to oppose.

Also, in my experience, illegal immigration has delivered a lower standard of intellectualism to the United States, lowered living, working, health, cultural/behavioral and educational standards nationwide. And, given that the greatest number of illegal immigrants originate from Mexico, first, and Central and South America second — all by majority ‘hispanic’ as to racial type populations — being from Mexico and/or being ‘hispanic’ in no way empowers anyone a free pass to the laws of the United States. Mexico’s particular form of racism and cultural, social disrespect for the United States is the problem, however, as are similar from other Central and South American cultures. They’re fine as long as there are no restricitions to and in the United States for anyone who is hispanic, and Mexico and those from the general hispanic cultures become stridently hateful to and about the United States — particularly on a racial level to and about Americans who are “white Anglo Saxon” — when Mexico, et al. are asked to observe the laws of the United States. The level of arrogance and presumption upon the U.S. is the problem, as are those who are immersed in that type of presumption upon others. Illegal immigration is the ultimate presumption upon humanity elsewhere.

About public protests, most people make better use of their time and resources than engaging in public protests beyond the cash register and the voting booth. It’s no surprise that fewer numbers show up to publicly protest illegal immigration — most of us avoid the businesses that employ illegal immigrants and vote accordingly. No one, nor their employees, who calls Americans “racists” is going to get so much as a dollar from me.

Picture 2125.gif Otherwise, give me your car, your house, that lot with the shopping mall because I want it and if you protest, you are “a racist.” Which is the measure that illegal immigrants use as to obtaining American goods. Oh, and they “work hard,” too, because, well, criminality is hard work.

Picture 2125.gif Update : from lonewacko, “Michael R. Blood/AP biased report on ‘National Day of Protest’

“…do we really want people in the U.S. who want to open the border? Do we really want people who want a race-based immigration policy, just as long as that policy favors their race?

“Should the GOP support a race-based immigration policy? Should the GOP give in to the wish of one race to surround themselves with more people of the same race?

“Perhaps those who are pushing this meme should determine just how far down the road paved by the Democrats they want to go.

“And, it doesn’t stop with the points above. This meme is incorrect in other ways as well (read more, scroll for more article links…)

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