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Whenever tragedy strikes, so many among the “entertainment industry” can be relied upon to further violate any remaining shred of good taste, common sense and intellectual challenge.

It also seems to be a character flaw, although at least it’s consistently present, that so many in “entertainment” are not entertaining. I have no explanation about that other than there are clever marketeers and snake oil salesmen and a lot of communist/marxist/destructive/selfindulgent/unprofound attitudes carved into the unfortunate, willing minds of our youth who later become the adults we see before us blathering. The rest of us could overlook that or at least turn away if those blathering at least posed a willingness to defend and protect in the same context as most of America. The biggest problem is that the majority of entertainers do defend and protect but it routinely seems to be that they defend and protect that and those who harass if not want to destroy the United States as a capitalist republic. It’s as if captialism has a virus and the virus is those made wealthy with earnings and audience who revile against measures to establish and defend security for the very nation that provided the virus a place to grow.

Bill O’Reilly was a brave man to try to discuss anything with David Letterman beyond the bad smell from Letterman’s side of the desk. Some icons are doomed to violate any remaining good faith by viewers and David Letterman certainly did last night, the biggest disappointment of my late night viewing I’ve yet to encounter. It’s sad because I really used to like double-breasted suits, but, now that I think about this, that’s about it where Letterman is concerned. I just realized: he’s never been funny.



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