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Picture 758.gif Since I’ve been a customer of Yahoo Web Hosting for some time now (both Web Hosting and Yahoo’s Merchant Solutions Hosting) — but, because Yahoo had limitations on access to MySQL that is unique to them for security purposes — I’ve engaged web hosting services other than and in addition to Yahoo’s inorder and only inorder to accommodate the installation and use of Movable Type.

So, I’m incredibly pleased to discover just yesterday, by stumbling upon a link in a Yahoo account, that Yahoo now provides Movable Type as one among many of features with their Web Hosting plans. And, Yahoo manages the installations in only minutes, complete with a generous variety of MT plugins and upgrades as individually selected. Presto, you have a MT blog ready and available in a matter of minutes and, Yahoo makes domain registeration and hosting plan setup just as easy and also in just a matter of minutes for new customers. The awkwardness of Yahoo’s MySQL workarounds and how that impacts a MT install has been my only stumbling block with Yahoo and I’d have preferred to keep everything with one host otherwise.

Movable Type’s Six Apart announced it on December 12, 2005, I just now discovered, also.

Picture 758.gif Thus, I can now consolidate several domains on different hosts — some with blogs, some not — all in one place. This is great news. Yahoo’s Web Hosting plans provide seamless, error-free hosting — in several years, I’ve yet to ever see a site of mine hosted with Yahoo go dark, even for a moment. I’ve never had so much as a suggestion of an error in billing and payments. Plus, you get all of Yahoo’s aggressive spam filtering for your sites and also your email, along with user panels and self-help sections and some telephone technical and billing support as/when needed. I have yet to ever encounter much of anything with Yahoo in this past year-plus that is not to love — a few years ago they had terrible — and I do mean, terrible — customer support when/if you could get Yahoo to even respond — but they have much improved in that wanting area and the service is now just great in all areas: no personalites to contend with, no attitudes, no errors, no down time, excellent resources, full array of MT plugins along with many other tools for site management, full site stats available and readily accessible for over a year (the stats remain available for your site all that time for perusal, to download, view), just great service and the speediest web hosting possible in the Web Hosting plans that Yahoo provides.

And it was just two-to-three months ago I was suggesting to Yahoo’s Customer Support over the telephone that they ought to consider offering Movable Type installs for Web Hosting clients. I’m sure glad they listened. Oh, HOORAY!

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  1. So the account that’s set up for you is that a multi-user business account? Does it say how many users? (Thanks!)

  2. ae says:

    Hey Suzy– Do you have any insights on how to get them to switch an existing account to the MT package? I’ve had a domain hosted with yahoo for probably four years now, but a couple years ago I just dismantled it and gave up maintaining it because I thought they were such a pain in the keester. I still do, but if I can figure out how to get switched over to the MT setup, I’d stay. But as much as SixApart is promoting the Yahoo offering, Yahoo doesn’t seem to have any mention of it, not even on the link you posted. Any ideas? Thanks!–ae

  3. Matthew says:

    I dont know I am having a problem installing Movable Type with yahoo. I enter all the info and agree to the terms, but I get this error:

    Installing Movable Type
    Sorry, we encountered a problem with your installation. Please click the “Install” button below to try again.

  4. Matthew says:

    all yahoo told me was that the don’t know what going on and they hope to fix the problem in the future, but for now they cant help me

  5. -S- says:

    Matthew, I can’t help here other than to suggest that you persist in contacting someone at Yahoo (try a fresh request with a new description of your problem — BUT, it might be that the MT program requires a file rename and Yahoo isn’t offering MT helps at this point, and thus, are only responding to you as to information that is within their purview).

    Have you visited the MT forums for some reference on the install issue? I know that Yahoo uses Berkeley for the DB and that MT requires a particular file of theirs be renamed when working with Berkeley so that might be your problem. You can find that information if you patiently read through Yahoo’s MT Install helps links and also on the MT site — where they offer the Instructions (read carefully).

    It’s a simple fix, I think, once you know which file to rename and to what. As to Yahoo’s responses, yes, they tend to be confounding at times like this until and unless you get an actual individual to help you in their mysql helps level. But, you have to persist with them.

    Also, again, read their MT Helps links (earlier link I provided here) and also read the MT forum and the MT instructions. I’ll return here in a minute if I can find the rename information on Yahoo’s site for you BUT I do know it’s in the MT install instructions.

  6. Matthew says:

    I contacted them, but all I get is an email confirming that ny information is correct and there should be no problem. I don’t know what it wrong.