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Picture 2088.gif 2005 is nearing a close and I’ve been looking over a few filmed projects soon to appear. The forecast is bleak-to-terrible and that’s excluding the even worse-that-shall-remain-unnamed that is already released and plaguing mankind as I write this. It is either self loathing or self adulation that is motivating the fawning over that film that is worse-but-shall-remain-nameless but that and these upcoming television works represent one of those cases where I pray, “Father, forgive them for they do know what they do and they do it anyway.”

About the up and coming, tomorrow night on ABC television, if you can find her under her hair, Diane Sawyer is set to host the gasping “On the Trail of Pope Joan” later tonight on ABC’s PRIMETIME (based upon this toady book— I describe the book as ‘toady’ because it’s a book of nothing more than debased lies combined with a lot of publicity and grandiosity that unsurprisingly always seems to accompany the most devious inaccuracies, particularly where Christianity is concerned, and, ABC is supposedly a “news” organization and all they’d have had to do is read a few pages elsewhere to confirm that the book and the premise of the book are fiction and have no place on a supposed news organization in primetime evening viewing hours, the bated breath of the mophead hostess suggesting viewers consider what she has to ‘share’).

Instead of viewing this evening’s ABC, I suggest that anyone interested in this issue-non-issue (there was no “Pope Joan” despite the fact that Hillary Clinton really, really wants to run for the Presidency in 2008 and ABC and Sawyer and whomever really, really want to lay the groundwork for this invasion of doubt if not a slow fermenting of juices in a bitter dish of dishonest brew that is set in motion by: first the compliment, then the doubt, then the compliment, then the invitation to assist, then the confession of revelation based upon counter belief then the idea that nothing is as believed because it now means something else – many who mislead use this tactic to reduce the discussion to talking about a false premise and by that means, to believe in it’s possibility), anyone interested in this issue-non-issue…

Picture 2088.gif Anyway, continuing, I’d like to encourge all to read these areas of discussion and information about this issue, among others included:

Popess Joan
from Catholic Encyclopedia

Perils of the Popess
by Sandra Miesel
The Myth of Pope Joan

by Patrick Madrid
Answers to Five Myths and Misconceptions About the Papacy

Picture 2088.gif An interesting comment from another thread on FreeRepublic about this issue, and an efficient one:

“…sometimes it seems that the worst offenses are conflated together in some people’s minds, and then attributed to the vast majority of popes.

“Long before the Reformation, Catholics were keenly aware of the inherent tendency for wicked men to rise to power. For hundreds of years, men have made comments such as, ‘The highway to Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops,’ and then been recognized by Popes (bishops of Rome) as great saints and apologists. It is unfortunate that the uneducated and the intellectually stubborn have for so long misunderstood infallible to mean inerrant. Peter himself was upbraided by Paul, not for proclaiming false doctrine, but for sinning in allowing false teachings to stand unrefuted.” — 12/28/2005 12:35:17 PM MST by dangus

And this one, too:

(Commenting upon this by previous writer): “The Modern scholars have been unable to resolve the historicity of Pope Joan.”

(Response): “Wrong. No modern scholar of any reputation asserts the existence of the fictional ‘Pope Joan’ which was most likely the result of some dolt misreading ‘Ioanna’ for ‘Ioannae.'” — 12/28/2005 12:45:58 PM MST by wideawake

Picture 2088.gif I have no explanation other than outright pandering and an effort to lead viewers astray that Diane Sawyer and ABC would broadcast such a presumptuously false pretense of a meme as to “Pope Joan” who never existed beyond the wagging of idle tongues. But, ABC and she also spent money, time and viewer attention upon coverage for THE DAVINCI CODE, another of the lies that all originate in the same place. Perhaps Sawyer and ABC are just a tad too comfortable with this type of deceit as to Catholic, Christian theology — they reject the actual theology in preference for the profane but so does that film that is worse-that-shall-remain-unnamed. People want the lie, unfortunately, and they are getting it.

Picture 2088.gif Oh, don’t miss not viewing NBC’s upcoming hideous malignment of Christianity: “THE BOOK OF DANIEL.”

“NBC is touting the network’s mid-season replacement series THE BOOK OF DANIEL with language that implies it is a serous drama about Christian people and Christian faith…NBC and the mainstream media call it ‘edgy,’ ‘challenging’ and ‘courageous.’ The series is written by Jack Kenny, a practicing homosexual who describes himself as being ‘in Catholic recovery,’ and is interested in Buddhist teachings about reincarnation and isn’t sure exactly how he defines God and/or Jesus. ‘I don’t necessarily know that all the myth surrounding him (Jesus) is true,’ he said.

Picture 2088.gif Obviously, he does not believe. Obviously, ABC and NBC join the ranks among media that has fallen, fallen into such debased content as to make the most of America cringe. I know I don’t watch either channel and haven’t in quite some time and now certainly will think carefully before doing so ever again; the mainstream media to include many cable channels have gone into hyper-criticism about all things Christian — about Jesus Christ, about us Catholics — that they terribly underestimate the perspectives of their audiences. It is no surprise that they struggle.

And so we have brave and good and sweet and true Pope Benedict XVI, who I thank God for. God is never underdone, nor overdone, but is just right, as are those who serve Him:


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