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Al Gore Moves to Two Million Dollar Condominium in San Francisco
Unfortunately, now still at sea, an effort to paddle to Sacramento, California is underway.


UPDATE, 01/01/05:

Please note that this thread was written prior to the flooding that has occured since in Napa, CA and elsewhere in CA and Nevada. This thread is in no way making or suggesting any satirical message as to human suffering anywhere, other than certain bad decisions by certain bad politicians and those who support them.

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  1. epador says:

    Paul over at Wizbang posted another satire about flood victems, this time in Napa. There appear to be droves of folks who don’t get the joke. I guess they have a sense of humor akin to AG in Napa. Beware if his little getaway in SF crumbles in the next big shake he will move a little farther North and feel right at home in St. Helena. Maybe that’s where he is paddling right now.

  2. -S- says:

    About Napa, they even have a super volcano (maybe two) to contend with in the neighborhood: one nearly right under Napa (and surrounding) and another just a jump away, uphill south of Lake Tahoe. Of course, if either of those erupt (or even approach eruption), there will be more than flooding to deal with, if life threatening conditions in the Western region. So, flooding in Napa seems harmless, considering.

    Although I haven’t seen the Wizbang thread to which you refer, in Paul’s case, he’s going to continue to look for reasons to justify taxpayer dollars by the billions going to bail out people who build in flood plains and that includes most of what is today New Orleans if not most of Louisiana. Wizbang should consider a new donor pool for Paul to rent him a truck, a crew and otherwise inspiration to move somewhere else.

    My last thought about New Orleans is why, for those who persist in remaining there (it’s an important port, I realize), why causeways aren’t being considered to reach to and from the port areas and otherwise relocate most worker-bee homes to safer conditions elsewhere because they can always commute. Rebuild it and it’s nice and all now, but that doesn’t answer what the price tag is going to be the next time New Orleans meets up with another substantial hurricane hit, ongoing water from the Mississippi and rising water levels worldwide. I think there needs to be a firm limit, is my point, to indulging recovery from disasters and indulging obstinate foolishness. Be obstinate and foolish, fine, but the taxpayers should not be expected to pony up many billions when and as needed. Once and the point should be made.

    San Francisco is built on landfill, unfortunately. All of what today is Golden Gate Park was once just a beachhead with nothing much growable nor living there beyond sand dune habitat. It was filled in with topsoil and plants and all that’s there today and the surrounding habitats for humans is built on landfill, artificial turf.

    And the building Al Gore and wife have just purchased in, although fabulous, is built on the area of San Francisco (opposite side of the city from G.G.Park, on the Bay side, facing Berkeley) that is subject to liquifaction given enough earthquaking. I don’t know that I’d want to be in any structure in S.F. higher than three, maybe four floors and that’d be with an emergency ladder for the nearest window.

    Probably the building Gore’s purchased in, given it’s expansiveness and luxury, is built with extreme earthquake threat in mind (as are the newer highrises in Los Angeles), but liquifaction is another story because no one can specifically predict what will occur until it does and it’s not just a matter of shaking back and forth but of the ground going liquid.

    I can think of so much more to do with two million dollars than what Al Gore has probably gotten paid for him as a perk, and it seems striking to my view that the organization Gore is associated with is in the financial industry…it’s as if they’re begging for a loss.