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Picture 760.gif Well, at least it’s a concept to consider, based upon the “‘Buy Blue’ list” organized by Democrats for purposees of encouraging patronage of “‘Blue’ list” merchants — commercial sources who, according to Buy Blue’s research, contribute to the Democratic Party/Democrat candidates – and for purposes of discouraging the patronage of businesses who contribute to the RNC and Republican candidacies.

For Republicans, the “‘Buy Blue’ List” is a usefool source as to which merchants to avoid if you’re of a mind to devote your dollars to pro-Republican groups and individuals.

Picture 760.gif On the other hand, maybe we Americans should try to shop American and avoid sources like Buy Blue and their DNC compadres who encourage these sort of economic retaliations for political purposes. Because objectionable business practices and poor value/service for marginal goods will inevitably result in the majority of shoppers abandoning a merchant. And, despite COSTCO, for example — a leading contributor to the DNC and related political campaigns — being on that list by Buy Blue as a preferred merchant, as a Republican I’ll continue to shop there, even when I disagree with where and how they’re spending my shopper’s dollars, even despite their ever-increasing, and objectionable because of that, annual membership fees. But it doesn’t mean I don’t notice or care as to the political alignments COSTCO has established, nor that shopping there isn’t an issue for me because of that, but that they provide a needed and appreciated service for the money, in most cases. Perhaps Buy Blue is onto a counter-productive policy because it hurts America — although, maybe that’s what Buy Blue intends.

Picture 761.gif Update: RETHINKING COSTCO


  1. BIRD says:


    Earlier, I wrote here (DON’T BUY BLUE) about my acceptance of COSTCO as a merchant I value based upon the services they provide that are not otherwise available (in my current area as also in other areas, in my experience,…