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“Mexico Promises to Block Border Wall Plan”

So, it has been an invasion all along. Thanks for clearing that up.

And, just HOW is Mexico going to “block” construction in the United States by and for the United States? Hint to Mexico: you don’t get to “block” construction by the United States within our United States borders for our own use, benefit or otherwise.

“…Mexican President Vicente Fox denounced the U.S. measures…as ‘shameful’,” and yet Vicente Fox cannot/will not provide for his own unless he takes it from the United States, cannot/will not respect the United States immigration requirements and border security legislation, and continues to refuse understanding basic terms like “illegal” and “legal” and “migrant” and “criminal” and what national borders are and why countries have them (Mexico does, for starters; take a look — at even older information, now even worse — at how Mexico manages it’s own borders with armed national employees).

Is Vicente Fox just illiterate? How in the heck did this man ever complete a college degree program? It’s written that Fox earned a degree from Harvard University but Harvard says he didn’t — they also say he never attended any of their schools. Vicente Fox has problems with realities, yes, and the implications as to his motivations in deriding U.S. border security (among many other serious issues), then, are ominous.

Fox does not know the meaning of the expression, “thank you.” He is increasingly resembling Fidel Castro with every passing hour.

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  1. -S- says:

    It’s been suggested (not by me, just a webpage I found yesterday and have previously read about this “degree” and/or educational discrepancy about Fox) that the Harvard U. experience by Vicente Fox has become clouded or occluded as fact due to Nexus-Lexus issues.

    However, I doubt that since that suggestion seems to have gone no where save but the one webpage discussion I located about this (do a search for Vicente Fox and Harvard and you should locate one site that offers up a discussion about a possible N-L scramble about Fox’s relationship…which does not, however, address the fact that Harvard denies a “Vicente Fox” ever attended there).

    I also note that there is very little to no information remaining on the internet at present as to any C.V. for Fox and/or educational profile (I looked from many approaches recently and came up wanting, while a few years ago, after Fox took office in Mexico, there was an abundance — literally, hundreds — of websites/pages lauding his relationship with “Harvard University,” since gone).

    So, I tend to believe that Harvard maintains good records as to who is and has been enrolled there. Although I haven’t contacted them to discuss this issue, just accept that Forbes did so, as they reported they did (my earlier link).

    And that, if V. Fox ever attended Harvard, he did so under another identity and isn’t revealing what that was/is, and he allowed the misperception (that he attended and/or was degree’d by Harvard) to remain publicly accepted and/or he’s simply lied about his educational history, whatever that may or may not be.

    Perhaps a combination of all of that?

    And, yes, the problem of illegal immigration is a huge one. I was horrified at the Public Relations spokesperson (“Rob Allyn”) that Mexico has now hired to field these issues, when he appeared today on O’Reilly on FOX, horrified at the “blame the U.S.A.” responses he continued to provide when asked about Mexico. He never addressed or even explained Mexico’s problems, just used the word, “clearly” about a half-dozen times and said nothing other than to imply it was all a problem of the U.S. and that all illegal aliens were — as Fox also continues to irrationally utter — are “migrants.” The terms, “illegal aliens” are not in their vocabularies, and Mexico and drugs are issues only within the terms (so this guy said tonight, as Mexico has said for a while now) that the U.S. “uses them.”

    They appear to be a culture without ability to understand or explain acts of personal responsibility. It’s the “you make me hit you” defense of an abuser, no doubt, what and how Mexico continues to avoid addressing it’s own national and cultural problems.

  2. -S- says:

    And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too! Another fine bloggeress!

  3. Illegal immigration is one of the most serious problems facing our country.

    That bit about Harvard is verrry interesting. I had always taken the bona fides at face value, never checked them out.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to a fine bloggeress.

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