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FORWARD: I have but one functional hand this day, so readers are requested to, please, overlook likely typos in today’s writing — and perhaps throughout the next week’s worth.

j0115865.gif The volume of FOX News now adjusted downward inorder to save my inner ears from the shrill — and sharp, as in, pointy and harmful — presentation that is FEMALE DEMOCRAT TALKING HEAD (“FDTH”) (“Libby,” perhaps, a “radio show” personality who really, really does not like Arnold Schwarzenegger), I now have even more substantiation than I had an hour or so ago (stabbed in the latest informational layer by FDTH and a column on FOX News website by the ever-in-need-of-sharpening Roger Friedman (“NOTHOT”) that the declination determined in yesterday’s California Special Election was not about the issues on the ballot but about GETTING ARNOLD, the GET ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER (“GAS”) movement.

So, today we give the marauders their time, space and volume intensity. Unfortunately, as to NOTHOT and the FDTHers and GASers among us, they are providing ample evidence that the issues they claim they trounced, the fame, career(s) and voter preferences they think they have silenced, that it has all been, in reality, about the GAS movement (NOTHOT writes: “…No matter what you think of Schwarzenegger as a governor, ‘legendary filmmaker’ or ‘award winning actor’ are not sobriquets that will ever be associated with him…”) (and yet NOTHOT earlier in that same column laudes Warren Beatty for BULWORTH, leaving me wishing there existed a volume control mechanism for print media).

j0115865.gif Fueling the GASers have been — to my disappointment — many similar pointers among some so-called “conservative” websites, users who avoid party affiliation identity and yet play by so-called “conservative” website rules (thus, posers) who have consistently denigrated Schwarzenegger for all possible issues and perspectives, with nary one among them challenging the degradation itself.

j0115865.gif And, thus, what I’ve concluded is that, yes, the vote yesterday WAS about “GAS,” and, yes, all angled perspectives wanted a punishment of and about Schwarzenegger, generally falling into these areas of resentment:
(1.) “he’s not really a Governor;”
(2.) “he’s not really a conservative;”
(3.) “he’s not doing what the legislature (translated to ‘Democrats’) want him to do;”
(4.) “he’s showing off;”
(5.) “he’s a fascist;” and,
(6.) “he needs to be humiliated (or similar, related to perceptions as to social class differences and/or resentments).”

Actual conservatives in the state (and elsewhere) didn’t generate much to any support about any of the Propositions and Measures of — supposed — issue on yesterday’s ballot and liberals-Democrats all, were fanned into high volume by the Propositions and Measures. And that left the whole meal to the hungriest, most motivated for blood: liberals-Democrats. I wonder today if but what the idea was to hoist Schwarzenegger up the flag pole because the lack of any noticable, effective and/or consistent promotion for the ballot issues from anyone other than the bias and outright distortions on multi-million dollar television and radio spots from Democrats was all that was available to voters. The California Special Election has been waged by oils-on-velvet advertising images of overly-large-tearful-eyed-woebegone-public-school-and-healthcare-employees protecting their awards of early tenure, unionized wages, lifetime employment but-don’t-let-children-notify-parents-about-aboriton-or-all-will-be-lost under the guise that the big, bad, Terminator would deprive the children, pull up flowers, pave over fresh air…and it degenerated into worse from there.

Among the worst, I received a huge array of opinion print material just one and two days prior to yesterday’s Special Election, and, from among those, two flyers that identified themselves in tiny, 2-point type along the bottom edge as being from “the office of elections” that actually advised in giant, bold type otherwise to denounce the issues (‘VOTE “NO”‘ on everything) (obviously, a deceitful, dishonest flyer but who can ever say who created and mailed it at this point – it certainly did NOT originate with the CA Office of Elections), another flyer from the Club For Growth that advised contrarily to another one from the Republican Party, and then a letter from former Senator Dick Armey claiming affinity with Newt Gingrich, advising against the initiatives that Schwarzenegger was advising support for (at least one of those, anyway) and then yet more from various other so-called Republicans who advised even differently altogether. It left me wondering just what I’d already voted (an earlier, mailed ballot cast before any of this last-minute literature arrived) and why.

j0115865.gif So, it wasn’t a victory for Democrats yesterday in Calfornia because, after thinking all this through, what I’ve decided is that Arnold Schwarzenegger was their guy in the Governor’s office, was too liberal for most conservatives, was as close to a Libertarian Governor as any Democrat could ever hope for and that the California conservatives will now begin the real business of government. But, it won’t include a Schwarzenegger second term, I imagine.

About FOX News’ Roger Friedman (“NOTHOT”), I also think it is relatively clear that today, he’s doing a happy liberal dance but what I can’t figure out is why FOX News tolerates the thumpery.

j0115865.gif NOTHOT Background:

Roger Friedman rationalizes that which is Michael Jackson;

And lies on prejudicial terms;

Manages to offend (even) GAWKER;

And, even offends lowculture (talking avatar David Poland zeros in).

Aack! Miramax fixture! Miramax fixture!

In hot water: “…Still the Biggest Jackass of Them All”.

j0115865.gif For emphasis, today’s vociferous boombah, about which I am still laughing:


RedDotSml.gif Once again, the preferences seem to be for whoever creates — not superior but — dominant publicity: it’s about gossip and maintaining the socialist status quo, sadly for everyone else who tries to live and enjoy life in this thing that is called Kalifornieah. But, let it be noted that the pavers-over here are very, very large groups who fund the Democratic Party — and are the sources of all that oil-on-black-velvet advertising.

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