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BD21297_.gif President Bush’s Veterans Day Speech was significantly inspiring, clarifying…and confusing, contradictory.

I uphold and am proud to say I do, the values, intentions, goals most — but not all — described in President Bush’s speech; what I don’t uphold is a theme that Bush emphasizes over and over again but contradicts consistently in other behaviors in his Presidency — a firm course upheld but with a mixed-message otherwise, but, for political purposes, I’m not offended but perplexed and will discuss….

BD21297_.gif I am wishing all our Veterans and soldiers a very, very happy Veterans Day. You have earned the country’s gratitude and admiration and will always have it from this citizen. And, I would again make the same voter choice for President Bush versus Kerry (as with Gore, too), so my questioning of a few of Bush’s spoken rallying points is minor in the larger picture here. His commitments to our Veterans and to our United States Department of Defense are highly regarded by me, as is the service to our country — and the world itself — by our military.

To be continued later this evening……on a new thread, probably Sunday.

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  1. epador says:

    I am still holding my breath for “more to come” :-)

  2. -S- says:

    A tad under the weather this past week along with injuries to my right hand made for a real.challenge at the keyboard…

  3. -S- says:

    But, I’m encouraged to find that you’re reading! To be continued in an hour or so because I’ll persevere, in another thread…

  4. epador says:

    Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways. An old friend who converted to LDS was trying to create a giant missive to me, and the computer ate it last night before she pressed send. Now your hand held you back – I hope that both your hand and your perseverence give you no more pain. And my friend’s computer’s appetite for missives is insatiable.

  5. -S- says:

    Well, God, the Lord, didn’t cause my hand impairment, nor me not feeling well, so that’s yet another perspective for ya’ here.

    I’m feeling better, hand is now healed as to the burn I had the other day but the issues here are weighty…I’m going to write more about it in another thread, probably tomorrow, but the illegal immigrant/illegal alien problem is a very big problem for many of us to contend with WITHIN the context of Bush’s Administration, as Republicans, conservatives. I read his speech — saved a printed copy — and can substitute in words relative to illegal aliens in nearly all the passages, expressions he used in that speech to describe security threats (“Islamo extremists” and such, “terrorists” and such) and got the same result, and yet there’s this huge problem right here as to our borders, IN ADDITION TO those in Iraq and now Jordan (same process here at home is my point, as to terrorist access and potential for permanent harms to the U.S.).

    I read that Jay Tea in Wizbang covers these issues frequently as to his home state (New Hampshire) and bordering Massachusetts, but the national problem exists as to illegal aliens and lack of any policy to contend with the problem at this time…and several truly horrid, wrongful bits of legislation being considered in the House and Senate, unfortunately (McCain/Kennedy among the worst). And, thus, I’d wanted to write about that and hesitated, feeling badly given that it was a day to honor our Veterans instead.

    But the illegal alien problem is the source of a great deal of concern and rumination for many of us and I do believe it’s the hotest potato among concerns for most Americans today…how to deport those who are here, how to refuse taxpayer dollars to those in the country illegally, how to stem the ongoing flow of millions every year. I have some stats that are beyond shocking, speaking of numbers here.

    Anyway, as to the faith issues, Catholicism and LDS are not at all related, and most — if not all — of us Catholics do not prosetylatize. Discuss we do, but never prosetylatize (against the faith). Beware of missives and question the nature of friendship from those who persist in issuing them, is my rule of thumb.