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Front Cover, STAR WARS POSTER BOOK by Steve Sansweet and Pete Vilmur, Copyright 2005 Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Now published, (“Star Wars Poster Book“), is well worth acquiring by historians and enthusiasts of film advertising/print media and general STAR WARS lore. I received just yesterday a signed copy from authors Pete Vilmur and Steve Sansweet (“Stephen J. Sansweet is the director of content management and head of fan relations at Lucasfilm…Peter Vilmur is an online content developer at Lucasfilm…”) and more than anything, enjoyed the email discussions that Pete and I had months ago while he was researching certain works for inclusion in the book. I am very grateful to have been included among the many creatives who have contributed to the poster artworks throughout the history of the STAR WARS series.

It’s a beautiful, thorough and well documented book. Me, I am just sitting here tonight marvelling as to the scope and immensity of change that is the George Lucas contribution to filmmaking, but, as to the history of how his legacy has been and is represented before audience, this book provides a great window-look through to center stage.

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