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BD21298_.gif November 08, 2005, as “Paid for by the Democratic National Committee,”
this rodomontade of the day:


I love it when even the DNC is proven so much hot air by the inkhorn of Yahoo News Comments Section:

11/09/05 02:41 pm – Msg: 1 of 11

Howard Dean, odd you didn’t mention a word about the Ohio vote which was the most important vote of the year.

Was it because you Liberal Democrats got your arse handed to you here in Buckeye land last night? Well, of course not.

Come back to Ohio when you got more millions more of DNC, KOS KKKIDS, ACT, George Soros money to spend in our State we love you for that…honest!

BD21423_.gif Virginia election
11/09/05 02:52 pm – Msg: 3 of 11

I encourage everyone to look more closely at the Virginia gubernatorial race before they declare that the tide has turned in favor of Democrats nationwide. They may want to consider and investigate the following:

1. Current Governor Mark Warner won because he ran at a time when Republican Governor Jim Gilmore had antagonized his base and had hand-picked a colorless and idea-less successor named Mark Early to run against Mark Warner. The Republican base responded by sitting out that election.

2. Mark Warner who, to his credit, has governed as a moderate, hasn’t made any egregious errors and hasn’t been involved in any scandals during his term in office. He is not wildly popular, as the media would have it, but neither is he wildly unpopular. He has kept a fairly low profile.

3. The governor-elect Tim Kaine is replacing fellow Democrat Mark Warner.

4. Republican challenger Jerry Kilgore ran a horrible, nasty campaign that ultimately made even die-hard Republicans cringe. His death penalty ads were very unfair and gave Kaine the opportunity to tout his religious beliefs.

Bottom Line: This election was NOT a referendum on George Bush, George Allen, Mark Warner or conservative politics. To paraphrase Tip O’Neil, it is purely local in its implications.

BD21423_.gif Howard Dean- STill a moron!
11/09/05 03:16 pm – Msg: 4 of 11

Someone tell Howard Dean that he’s as stupid as ever now for making that statement!

Mark Warner has been the Governer since the last election and Bush STILL WON THE STATE OF VIRGINIA WITH A DEMOCRAT AS GOVERNER!!!

So dont think that just becuase a dem won the governer’s spot that they will win this state in Elections for President. What an ASS he still is!

BD21423_.gif Ha!
11/09/05 03:30 pm – Msg: 5 of 11

You just keep telling yourself that. Here in Ohio, issues 2, 3, 4, & 5–all sponsored by, George Soros, Chuck Schumer, John Conyers,and other NON-OHIO socialists & commies–were defeated SOUNDLY.


BD21423_.gif Resounding Democrat Victories?????
11/09/05 03:34 pm – Msg: 7 of 12

Yahoo actually left that as the headline?

Keeping some of what they had is not a “resounding victory.”

BD21423_.gif Invoking the American people
11/09/05 03:35 pm – Msg: 8 of 12

So when GWB won relection Democrats protested that it was not a mandate of the American people.

Yet his party wins a few measly governships and Dean proclaims that “voters all across the country delivered a resounding message.”


BD21423_.gif Republicans Took VA Lt. Governor/AG
11/09/05 03:37 pm – Msg: 9 of 13

2 big offices in Virginia were picked up by Republicans.
That’s +2 for Republicans.

Virginia and NJ already HAD Democrat Govs.
Dems are actually -2 though.

Quite a victory Dr. Dean.

BD21423_.gif Weren’t these two Governors already Dem
11/09/05 03:53 pm – Msg: 11 of 13

Weren’t these two Governors already represented by Dems?


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