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RedSquareSmallDark.gif It’s not yet available to read on the Whitehouse web site (I anticipate that it will be soon), and I’ve just listened to the live delivery by President Bush of today’s speech from Arizona, but what he’s said is welcome-to-passable to this voter as to immigration, illegal aliens, border security, enforcement (and affirmation) of existing immigration laws, responsibilities of employers versus individuals in the country, withholding any support for amnesty terms and conditions, and much more. Here is the “Fact Sheet” from the Whitehouse, pending a copy of today’s speech, as to President Bush’s ideas for “Immigration Reform.” It’s a start, but a lot of people aren’t buying what he’s offering as even so much as a beginning, if the preponderance of opinion on the internet is to be believed. I understand why.

Update: copy of speech now available.

My instant disagreement with these statements by President Bush (again, I listened to the speech as it was delivered live by President Bush moments ago but I will write more about the speech after I’ve read a printed version) is that he reasons there can be no effective border security without first the implementation of a Guest Worker Program : it’s a cart-before-the-horse error-laden premise. With the promise of free bows on free carts and for some, free horses to follow.

I disagree as to the order of implementation about what: border security and enforcement have to preceed any idea of “Guest Worker” programs and not vice-versa as President Bush reasons. And as to why is that reasoning as President Bush does defies human nature. It fails to include the fact that there are always human beings who will not obide by the laws of the United States and not only not abide by them, will openly disdain them, refuse to comply with them regardless of hardship. And those are the people who have to be countered with law enforcement measures — people who cannot or will not accept what’s required by our society as a nation but insist on presence in the nation regardless have to be countered with a level of discouragement that only law enforcement can (and should) provide. Without that level of recourse, we get anarchy and anarchy we currently have as to the estimated “eleven million” (some say it’s “ten million“) illegal aliens in the country as I write this.

Because, without there first being an effective punishment and enforcement process for those persons in the country illegally, no Guest Worker Program will mean much of anything except further indulgence for to incentivize ever increasing numbers of illegal aliens in the country. “Guest Worker” to people in other countries who are willing and capable of gaining illegal access to the country for whatever reason is reasoned by them to mean “incentive” to arrive inside the United States — laws and restrictions and requirements to be ignored, and, a course to citizenship be damned. I realize some don’t go so far as to “damn” those important aspects to presence in the country, but many people among illegal aliens — if not all of them — use whatever means is possible to gain access to the goods and services of the United States and disregard with keen intentiionality the laws that everyone is asked to respect as to presence in this country. And, employment is the incentive for some (not all) — “Guest Worker Program” translates to many of those as “I’ll earn American wages and reap benefits after I get into the country and how I do can be bought/stolen/gotten by whatever means I can” and therein lies the conundrum for border security.

Competent, cognizant people from most other lands and languages comprehend what American immigration (as defined in the English language) and citizenship requirements are; but what exists today (in the U.S. and also in many areas of our globe) is an intentional disregard for those laws and, thus, populations of illegal aliens in the U.S. and elsewhere in ever increasing numbers as long as it is possible to land inside and then manipulate your presence there afterward. It’s not a case of not understanding, nor perceiving laws and residency requirements by most illegal aliens, as to the U.S. population of those, but of people who understand, accurately perceive and yet intentionally disregard what’s required to be legitimate. And, as long as there is employment available to illegal aliens arriving, they aren’t leaving by their own determinations.

These are not the behaviors of people who should be considered for or even offered citizenship, and their behaviors diminish and devalue the concept of citizenship itself. The recent, often offered rationalization about and by this population — that they “provide a needed service” to the United States is a lie, identified merely by the fact that their very presence is based upon violations of laws that merit serious penalties and yet remain unpenalized. No decent person can ever substantiate a conscientious social contribution on an illegal premise, an illegal status, and, with the illegal alien population in the U.S., specifically, they may generate low-income wages as individuals in areas of labor but they are able to exist in the country to do so by financial, economic and resourceful support by the American taxpayers to the detriment of the taxpayers. It’s not an equitable, acceptable situation for most Americans, to put it mildly. And, the pejoratives (“you’re a racist,” “you don’t support immigration,” “these people are poor [so whatever they do is alright]” and more) won’t bully Americans any longer — people are completely and finally tired and cranky about the presence of illegal aliens in the country and are willing and mostly able to do whatever they can to bring it to an end — but that can’t happen with any success without the compliance of our federal government delivering. Legislators will either get on board with this or they’ll be voted out of office (they are public employees, after all); President Bush is paying royally in the court of public opinion for his indulgences as to “people who will do the work Americans won’t” line of obfuscation (seems to me it’s been such) about the problem. And, that line is insulting to many Americans, many of whom campaigned and voted for President Bush, insulting to Americans while all the while to the delight and exploitation of these issues by Democrats. However, the Democrats push for even greater complicaitons to these problems, greater indulgences for greater illegal aliens among us, greater infringments upon taxpayers…the country now has millions of illegal aliens and a myriad of special provisions that American citizens are excluded from and yet paying for for those here illegally.

These issues are too big to play party politics with and there again, most voters get that, too. It’s not a case of party politics but it’s also a case of two failed political parties who exploit American voters’ trust and hopes and wishes, and, we get that, also.

We get that, without an effective means to penalize people who are in the country by illegality, no “Guest Worker Program ” is going to make much difference to remedy the scope and range of the problems created by and including illegal aliens and illegal immigration, we get that — to people who already declare themselves outside of sanctions — illegal aliens will always rely on a range of fanciful stories, a crash pad, a social network, social programs (intended for the indigent and needy of America), the ability to remain unidentified, if not unidentifiable, and, the idea that illegal aliens can feign inclusion as a “Guest” in some officially titled “Program” only provides greater incentive to land a place inside the country without the process of legality; they’ll enlist but they won’t decamp once they’re not enlisted. If you don’t care about immigration requirements, you aren’t going to reliably care about much of any other law once you’re past the physical border. And they are not likely, if at all, to depart the United States once their guest status expires — if they could, they’d have already been doing so — and imagine the travesty of several more millions of aliens arriving every year and not leaving but instead disappearing back into a secondary existence within the country afterward. They are just not going to depart unless forcibly removed. And President Bush, as with the other “guest worker programs” being offered at the present (Kennedy/McCain, among others), posits this program based upon a system that does not even exist: the return of non-residents/citizens to somewhere else other than here after their terms of presence has expired.

These Guest Worker Programs (all of them) rely on processes of the “guests” returning “home” once their tour as a “guest” is concluded. It will not happen unless many are forced to do so. And, thus, there has to be a developed process of penalization for illegal aliens in place and functioning BEFORE any “Guest Worker Program” should be implemented.

And, as importantly, there has to be an improved interpretation made possible by new legislation to and about our Constitutional Fourteenth Amendment, to undue the “anchor baby” automatic citizenship provided to the children born in the U.S. of illegal alien parents, the other incentive by which many millions of persons have gained an anchor in the U.S. and managed to exploit to a maximum the healthcare system and public services. It will require an improved and astute Congress and new legislation by such a Congress to undue the damage done not so long ago that forced an interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment that many of us consider a false interpretation, as it is now, that allowed the “anchor baby” process.

RedSquareSmallDark.gif Most of the rest of President Bush’s speech is welcome and supportable to my view. I regret that President Bush (and every other elected employee) has not made a position on illegal immigraton this clear before now — although better late than never. From the general attitude I have read expressed today on the internet, however, many people no longer believe President Bush has intentions to do much to remedy the illegal alien problem — general lack of confidence in his intentions to remedy, to confront. I admit it: I understand.

And — Congress take heed — I do know many voters who are determined to refuse votes to any politician who is tepid on the issues of citizenship, illegal immigration, anchor babies and ineffective border security. An improved Congress just may be an entirely new Congress, in the views of many of us, with these issues paramount to how we vote and for whom. These issues are certainly going to be significant in the Presidential election of 2008 and a compromised set of opinions and exploitable platitudes by candidates are not going to remain unexplored by most voters, either.

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Tomorrow Later: analysing the expression, “doing the work that Americans won’t do.”

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