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BD21298_.gif Democrats pursue cut and run
What was ever their point as to national defense, military commitment and now lack of it, using security like a bicycle lock (easily broken) and policy like a shopping cart (easily stolen).

The country made a commitment and we need to honor it; from what I’ve read, most of the country would like to. Our military deserves nothing less. And then there are the people of Iraq and the conditions in the Middle East, also deserving of an ongoing U.S. military presence. As in: stay the course.

Footnote, Disclaimer: the comments in the photographs displayed here are fictitious.

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  1. epador says:

    Stay the course and dump the offal overboard, they’re dragging us down.

  2. -S- says:

    Yes, dragging the whole world and certainly our country down. There is no “overboard” that I can readily think of other than reforming our public educational process, starting first with faculty nationwide. Therein the problem lies of educating people amiss, corrupting — for lack of a better term — human minds at vulnerable ages. It’s predictably familiar as to cause and effect.

  3. epador says:

    Unfortunately, my contribution to the education sustem is a ways off. In a decade or so I plan to use my GI bill to get an education ticket and teach public school when I retire from doctoring. My attempts at influencing current systems whee I live have so far been futile. Interestingly, the DoD is supporting a Troops to Teachers movement that may have a sooner impact

  4. -S- says:

    Sounds like a very great plan, epador…you teaching after retirement. I really admire the goal!

    About the issues, I’ve got something I’ll publish, new thread, that’s an outrageous incentive for you and those like you to try consider teaching as an ongoing career move. Or otherwise bring improvement to our public education problem. I think it’s a nightmare, what’s going on with many public educational “institutions.”