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When I wake up later today, I will write about the hot summer (there were never any other kinds) in Winter Haven, Florida and the first time I saw Gram Parsons and later heard his second band late one Saturday night a year or so forward. Until then, Happy Birthday, Gram Parsons, rest in peace.

Later Edit: Awake again but I’ve decided to reserve this story for a book. My point as to the blog entry here is that I think it best to honor those I care about on their birthday and later for the work they contribute, the gifts they grow with and share — because that sharing part of their story is from their birth, wouldn’t exist without the beginning.

Photographs here, of Florida’s history:
— TOP/LARGE, “Road Through the Hammock on Fort George Island” by Virgil Moore, Copyright 2002 Jacksonville University
— BOTTOM/SMALL, Bird topiary at Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven, Florida, photographer unknown.

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