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Giving thanks this day for this weary but wonderful country, this United States, and each and every American who has lost his or her life in service to the rest of us, along with every American who is currently serving with his or her life in dedication and loyalty to our nation and people.

My listing of gratitude is going to develope over the day and it includes the lovely turkey — such a noble, noble bird — roasting in the oven as I type this, the delicate cranberries-soon-to-be-relish bubbling on the stovetop, the delicious breads now cooling a bit, the fresh, green beans, carrots and potatoes yet to cook, as are the pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie. There is Pellegrino and Sweet Iced Tea to drink and all this there is today because others labored, sacrificed, shared, defended and loved.

Share your gratitude if you have a moment! Take a break from the games, the parade, the food, prayers and families and share what it is you are thankful for.

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  1. -S- says:

    Ha, yes, Jimmah Carter sure did get that pardon for Kerry in there a while ago. Were the cause and response ever made public? I’m curious why it is John Kerry needed a Presidential pardon to be able to occupy a Senate seat, and yet to this day contends he has a “war hero” past. Honorable discharges from the military do not require Presidential pardons.

  2. justaguy says:

    I heard Bush was going to pardon John Kerry today…errrr..or, was it the Thanksgiving turkey? I get Kerry and the turkey mixed up all the time. I think Carter beat Bush to the pardon though.