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Excerpt quoted from Vice President Richard Cheney’s statement of November 16, 2005

BD21298_.gifBILL CLINTON CALLS IRAQ ‘BIG MISTAKE’” — criticising a “lack of planning”
BD21298_.gif …but that’s after he called for war, war and more war (“IRAQ HAS ABUSED ITS LAST CHANCE“) to “strike…to stunt weapons programs (in Iraq)…”



BD21298_.gif In September 2002, four Democratic senators — Richard Durbin (111.), Bob Graham (Fia.), Diane Feinstein (Calif.) and Carl Levin (Mich.) — asked the CIA to produce a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) detailing what was known about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction programs and their threat to the United States.

“I deeply believe that such an estimate is vital to congressional decision-making, and most specifically, any resolution which may come before the Senate,” Feinstein wrote President Bush.

The CIA published the report on Oct. 1, 2002. The Senate voted to authorize war on Oct. 11, 2002.

Noteworthy: the Senator that did not read it completely was John Kerry.

Who was for the war before he was against it, just as Clinton is, was, never was, mighta’ been, can’t tell, who knows.

Time and time again, what we see and hear (and, more importantly, do not see or hear) from Democrats as to issues of security, defense and international relations are not the sometimes necessary but not-trendy positions, positions that do not get someone adulatory covers on magazines or ridiculous Grand Poobah titles but are necessary to protect, serve and honor. The Democrats, and their Grand Poobah, Bill Clinton, have no credibility about national defense and certainly the use of our military when they cannot stay the course because, chiefly, they refuse to acknowledge they ever saw the course or even knew what it was when they first declared it the way.

These are the reasons many of us will never (or, never again) vote for a Democrat if given a choice. When the chips are down, the Democrats fold or run away, or, worse, pout about — well — what they maybe said, didn’t say, didn’t read, couldn’t tell, did not have in their pants, didn’t lie about, can define or cannot define, didn’t read too closely before pardoning…

BD21298_.gif More from Democrats: Media File Here.

The photograph of Bill Clinton, depicted above, has been retouched but only by minor events: a “bulge” effect was used on the original photograph’s forehead and hair, to increase the volume of both — however, it’s visually interesting that by making these minor effects, the expression in Clinton’s eyes (which was NOT RETOUCHED here — to compare, SEE ORIGINAL photograph) is more readily seen as animus. But, isn’t that what the pouts are about, anyway, the biting of the lip, the waving hands to extend the space around him, thumbs out first? His body language has never lied and the only lies I read tonight are Grand Poobahs being touted by Minor Poobahs extending their Poobah ranges…based upon giant, Grand Poobah sucking sounds: “a sucker is born every minute,” or so they say.

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  1. BIRD says:


    How easily some among our human population forget felony sexual assaults: “Bill Clinton hailed to become ‘something like a president of the world,’ says ESQUIRE Magazine” Simple Google search results: “Clinton + Rape” “Clinton Acknowledged Broaddrick …

  2. epador says:

    I wonder if he can “trace his ancestry back to a protoplasmal primordial atomic globule?” I know we can trace one scandal back to a not so microscopic globule…

  3. -S- says:

    Well, as to tracing, the Democrats are sure working overtime with the aid and engagement of various media to rewrite their origins, no doubt about that.