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Florida Cracker and Michelle Malkin expose the secret plans

For interesting storm coverage from Florida — now it’s Wilma, and, then, there are the extermination plans — please read Florida Cracker. I have not had to so much as batten down any hatches this entire Hurricane Season of ’05, and yet I am storm weary. And they’re still coming: Alpha now brewing, Beta to follow…my suggestion is that everyone just go nowhere if and when we get to the storm named Hurricane Kambon.


See the original version
of the hurricane lineup, from Florida Sun-Sentinel and AP.

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  1. jamal says:

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The following site and site address are not endorsed nor acceptable to this website as to that website’s content, message or theme — and, it seems to be a radical Islamacist from the U.K. who has written above comments. Because this website, BIRD, regards that website (radical Islamacist’s website, “opinionated…”) as offensive in nature (as it also appears there was an attempt to hitch a link to this website for other purposes), hyperlink information has been removed by this website (no assistance is provided here for anyone to access that website from this one for these reasons).

    (ED. NOTE Continued): OBJECTIONABLE COMMENTS FOLLOW with this site’s striking of terms it is believed have been left here as an attempt to include this site, inaccurately, in Search-Engine results for the offensive terminology used in the comments themselves by “jamal”. This site doesn’t engage in internet warfare and I am consistently disappointed in corrupt individuals who attempt to use the internet for their destructive and corrupt purposes (“jamal” is a good example of that bad behavior to this site’s view).

    (Ed. NOTE Continued): OBJECTIONABLE COMMENTS BEGIN, links scrubbed:

    Propogating the “Final Solution”, his words are extreme, but Kambon does however make some interesting points. Lets not forget that similar views to Kambon’s also exist amongst those he condemns. (ED. NOTE HERE striking the following — >> Many White Supremist, Right-Wing and other groups argue similar points, but receive much less publicity. There is state sponsored genocide and segration evident in places such as Iraq, Sudan and Palestine, while blacks are concentrated in the countless inner-city slums of the West.

    Kambon is gravely wrong to generalise an entire race in this manner, but lets not pretend there are not prevalent groups throughout the world and issues particularly in Africa, which evidence the “international plantation” for blacks and that; “You’re either supporting .. people in their process of death, or you’re for African liberation.” What Kambon conveniently ignores is that there are black “plantation masters” also!

    (ED.NOTE, Again: striking link — >>

  2. -S- says:

    I’m no expert or even moderately familiar academic about White Supremacists, but from the bit I’ve happened upon from their statements, they advise and advocate SEPARATISM from blacks and other races, not the EXTERMINATION of other races.

    Such that, I’ve only heard this outcry — for the “extermination of white people” (or any group of persons based upon racial type) — from Hitler and his National Socialist Party in history’s past as to the Jews (and many others, although little publicised).

    It’s the “extermination” outcry that is the extreme here as to Kambon’s statements and can’t be compared to any others, to my knowledge, other than with Muslim extremists, who make a similar outcry (and as do several black leaders who are Muslim, who advise that “white people” are “devils” and such and require death for some [cryptic, deranged] ‘spiritual’ necessity) and with Nazism.

    It’s erroneous to pass off this crazy person’s comments (Kambon’s) as being equal to extreme groups because the advocacy of “extermination” based upon skin type — which Kambon is advocating and from and with the advantage of a public teaching position at that — is as extreme (only) as was Hitler’s and Islamo fundamentalists’ (both of which determined that their ideology was dependent upon “exterminating” other peoples based upon racial and/or religious beliefs — Christians, particularly, most of whom are “white people”).

    But, you are right as to noticing Kambon’s failure to recognize “black plantation owners” in his mumbojumbo, evil nonsense. In fact, it’s the height of racism that Kambon does advocate: not accepting/acknoledging that black people, too, can be and are everything “white people” can and have been. That’s the issue right there of importance that Kambon buries in his need to express his mental, emotional and spiritual sickness.

  3. -S- says:

    Additionally, you wrote, as to Kambon’s outcry for “the extermination of white people”:

    >>”Many White Supremist, Right-Wing and other groups argue similar points, but receive much less publicity.”